For The Weekend: 6 Activities For You and Your Friends To Try


Change up your weekend routine with these six ideas for your and your friends.

It may have been fun to go to the sports bar and watch football or head to mall at first, but now it may just feel like a boring routine for you and your friends. Something fresh and new that will make your weekends feel like a fun getaway from the stresses of your everyday routine is possible. Here are some new activities to consider to spice up your weekend:

Try Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is like sledding, but much more exciting and not just for kids. If you don't have a safe area near your home, consider going to place that offers tubes and admission for a good price. It's a great way to try something a little more daring with your friends, without the major risk.

Check Out Local Hiking Trails

Even if you live in the city, nature is probably closer than you think. Hiking can be a blast in the summer or the winter. It's a great way to exercise and send the afternoon with good company.

Take a Brewery Tour

If you love beer, a tour of a local brewery is a fun, informative activity that most of your friends will enjoy. Many breweries will offer tours that you can take for $10 or so, and they will show you the whole process, from making the wort to bottling the finished brew. These usually come with free samples. A brewery tour is a perfect start to dinner and a night out with friends.

Go To A Sports Game

If you don't want to pay big bucks, see if your city has a semi-professional football, baseball or hockey team. You can usually get tickets to those games for around $20, and they're a lot of fun.

Go to the Gun Range

Target shooting is a blast at the local gun range in Houston. If you do not own a firearm, don't worry, you can rent them out at the range. Even if you do have some handguns or shotguns of your own, you could try something new, like a LWRC Rifle, a tactical weapon used by the police and military. To up the excitement a bit, you could even compete with your friends to see who can shoot the best groups at certain distances.

Kayak Or Float On A River

When you kayak a river or float down it in a tube, you don't have to do much work because the current pulls you along. This is a relaxing summer activity that almost anyone can enjoy. It's free if you have your own equipment, or you can rent it.

Your weekends don't have to be boring anymore. Trying new activities to keep life interesting is not as hard as it seems.