The Difference Between Masculine and Feminine Energy

Love, Heartbreak

The confusion among women between masculine and feminine energy is the number one cause of breakup

In most western cultures today women have more equality than ever before. We can do all the things that men do. And yet this equality has brought confusion into the area of relationship. Where once the masculine and feminine roles within a relationship were crystal clear now it is not so.

Masculine and feminine energy has nothing to do with whether you are male of female, it is not gender specific. Both partners in a relationship have the ability to use both masculine and feminine energy. The problems come when the woman takes on the masculine energy role and then craves to be treated like the feminine energy partner. This can set up a power struggle and makes the relationship dynamic difficult.

When this conflict occurs it leads to disconnect, which can also lead to distance, lying and even cheating (to get needs met elsewhere). The woman feels unloved and the man feels emasculated.

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