Dynamic Duos: 10 Winning Athletic Couples

mia hamm

And the reasons they are great.

Like any other couple, athletic pairs need to work at their relationships. But they have an advantage over some of us. Their sports give them a special skill set. Relentless drive, endless energy and so much more. Check out the traits that make these 10 athletic couples such winners at love.



Caroline Wozniacki (tennis) and Rory McIlroy (golf).
Status: Engaged.
Tennis takes an insane focus that compliments the quiet intensity of golf, and of the two athletes in question.
Mia Hamm (soccer, retired) and Nomar Garciaparra (baseball, retired).
Status: Married with two children.
The energy and agility necessary for both sports lends themselves towards an ease with parenting, which they need with two little girls running around!
Heather Mitts (soccer, retired) and A.J. Feeley (football, free agent).
Status: Married
While soccer requires a swiftness of body, football takes more sheer strength. Both sports, and indeed this relationship benefits from the mutual swiftness of mind necessary to either sport.
Kristi Yamaguchi (Olympic gold medalist figure skater) and Bret Hedican (two-time Olympian in hockey, retired).
Status: Married with two children.
We have to wonder if this couple passed their grace and ease on the ice on to their two daughters.
Maria Sharapova (tennis) and Grigor Dimitrov (tennis).
Status: Dating.
A tennis duo like this benefits from their mutual mental agility.
Aaron Ross (football) and Sanya Richards-Ross (track and field Olympian).
Status: Married.
The stamina required for football nicely complements the endurance necessary for a track and field star, and if this pair is lucky, that resilience translates over to their relationship.
Laila Ali (boxer, retired) and Curtis Conway (football, retired).
Status: Married with two children (Curtis has three children from a previous marriage).
Here is a perfectly matched pair. Her deadly focus beautifully aligns with his relentless energy.
Misty May Treanor (Olympic volleyball player, retired) and Matt Treanor (baseball).
Status: Married, expecting first child.
Her endless drive (plus general adorable bounciness) is a perfect match for the catcher's steady nature.
Jamie Salé (pair skater) and Craig Simpson (hockey, retired).
Status: Married with one child.
Another icy duo, her grace and control nicely complements his unremitting vigor.
Maria Kirilenko (tennis) and Alexander Ovechkin (hockey).
Status: Engaged.
This pair likely found happiness when her laser-focus met his energy and agility.