The More The Merrier? Man With Two Penises Holds Q&A On Reddit

Two bananas

You thought you heard it all when it came to sex, but this man's story will teach you much more.

When it comes to men's penises we are constantly talking about size, but what about the amount that they have? That's right! Turns out, a man can have more than one, and a man who has two fully functional ones is talking all about his package(s).

The man is hiding is true identity but is using the name "DoubleD*ckDude" to talk about his two penises that is the cause of diphallia, a rare condition where males are born with two penises. They're in the 6-inch range and even posted shocking pictures to display his packages to prove that he isn't lying.

The mystery man decided to inform the public further about what it wants to know about diphallia (and probably his own sexual history) by hosting a Q&A on Reddit's "Ask Me Anything". 

Find out more of DDD's shocking stories here: Man With 2 Penises Answers All Your Questions On Reddit AMA (NSFW)

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