Escape Together On This Romantic Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip

Escape Together On This Romantic Getaway

The secret islands that inspired one of the greatest scientists of all time.

Spectacular pageantry and performance are the daily norm in the fabled Galapagos Islands, from a playful sea lion pup peering right into to your snorkel mask to the blue-footed Booby bird's goofy two-step mating dance. But how you witness the natural world of Charles Darwin's one-time stomping grounds makes all the difference. Yanking up your wetsuit on the stern of the MV Evolution, you half expect to find Jacques Cousteau next to you, ready to plunge into the Pacific waters.

The aptly named Evolution of Quasar Expeditions may resemble an oceanographic research voyage. But the recently refurbished late-50s vessel with only sixteen cabins makes for a charmingly modest yacht next to the behemoth ships that hog harbors.

At the start of a recent eight-day cruise our group sailed at sunset to Mosquera islet where dozens of sea lions basked on the white sands. Like paparazzi on a sidewalk, we jostled to photograph cuddly pups that waddled up to sniff our feet, while beefy alpha males plied the surf on the lookout for sharks at feeding time.

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