When Enough is Enough: 5 Tell-Tale Signs You're In A Toxic Relati


This gives some advice on what to look for when the love leaves...

A relationship should be a joyous component of a person's life; it should be a source of stability and happiness, rather than a source of unhappiness and dread. For many people who are in toxic relationships, it becomes difficult to see the issues within the partnership, even if they seem glaringly obvious to those on the outside. Here are the five tell-tale signs that you're in a toxic relationship.


Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is an absolute deal-breaker every single time, in every single case. Physical abuse has no shades of gray; it is an absolute, undeniable reason to end a relationship where it is present. Those experiencing physical abuse at the hands of their partner are advised to not only end the relationship, but to seek out a lawyer with a background in defense of domestic violence cases.


Emotional Abuse

It is never for a partner to abuse you. However, not all abuse is physical. Emotional abuse is when a partner yells at you, berates you or takes a psychological toll on you. Emotional abuse is a good reason to end a relationship. Just as one would need legal counsel for ending a physically abusive relationship, many individuals involved in an emotionally abusive relationship will need to seek out an attorney as well. If you need legal help in ending your emotionally abusive relationship, a lawyer near Encinitas can help.


Controlling Behavior

Some people abuse their partner not by physical or emotional abuse, but by controlling where they go and who they see. Controlling behavior may be fixed through couples' counseling, but it is also sometimes a reason to end the relationship.



As with controlling behavior, some couples are able to work through an instance of infidelity and emerge stronger than ever. However, in cases of repeat infidelity, severing the partnership is often the only answer. Seek out legal counsel if you are looking to end a relationship where infidelity has become a recurring component to the relationship.


A Lack of Affection

Not all toxic relationships involve aspects as serious as physical abuse or cheating. Sometimes, all it takes for a relationship to become toxic is for the affection and the love to fade away. You don't need physical scars or evidence of cheating to find yourself in a toxic relationship. Ultimately, if the happiness is gone, the partnership can quickly go from stagnant to toxic. Those who find themselves in a toxic relationship are advised to not only end the pairing, but to seek out legal counsel. This is especially true for those who are experiencing physical abuse, as the risk of death or permanent injury is much higher.