The Top 10 Craziest Love Trends Of 2013

Love, Heartbreak

The hottest hookup spot, the newest dealbreaker and more bizarre things that stuck this year.

2013 ... talk about a weird year. Selfies, Miley Cyrus, photobombs, cats everywhere, the list goes on.

And dating wasn't off the hook either. New app/sites, dealbreakers, hookup spots and ways to meet potential partners all came at us with a pretty big dose of crazy.

From the thing that's being called the "new STD" to the new type of friendship (having a BFF wasn't enough!), we're counting down some of the weirdest trends in love from 2013.

We can only hope 2014 is as strange.

Being In A Relationship With Your Phone

Sure, you've been glued to our mobile device for some time now, but study after study this year proved that things are starting to get pretty serious between the two of you. A recent survey revealed that 50 percent of women would rather give up sex for a month than lose their phones for that long. Another one from Harris Interactive and Jumio revealed that 72 percent of Americans are within five feet of their smart­phones the majority of the time, with 33 percent of adults admitting to using their phones during dinner dates and 20 percent of young adults fessing up to using their mobile devices during sex. Wow, talk about a hot night!

Are you dating your smartphone? See the 12 Signs Your Phone Is Your Boyfriend.

The Office Is The Hottest Place To Hook Up

What happened to the beach? Car? Airplane? Maybe it's because we're clocking in more hours than ever before or perhaps it's the idea of doing something forbidden — either way the office is becoming the place to get it on. Recently, a study conducted by Trojan revealed that 24 percent of Americans hook up at their office holiday party. But it doesn't stop there. Year round, 56 percent of women and 61 percent of men have sexual fantasies about colleagues. Just look around you, the options are endless: The copy room, the storage room, the elevator. Interested in workplace love? These are the best spots to get it on at work.

Facial Hair Is A Lady-Magnet

It's official: Prince Charming now has scruff ... or better yet, a beard. Amazon.co.uk found that sales of beard trimmers have grown by 47 percent this year, and with the popularity of No Shave November and hot bearded celebs like Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp, facial hair is so hot right now. And for good reasons, too. From keeping him younger-looking to cancer-free, there are tons of legit reasons to date a lumberjack. Earlier this year, researchers discovered the most attractive facial hair on a guy: 10 days-worth of heavy stubble. So guys, get to it.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Is Getting Dangerous

It started off as a sexy trilogy that heated up relationships all across the globe, and now, a few years after Christian Grey came into our lives, the world waits (impatiently) for the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie to hit the theaters ... and we're starting to notice some strange side effects from the franchise. A rise in handcuff incidents, divorces, even library books with traces of herpes ... the list of 50 shades effects goes on.

Serenades Are Back And They're Better Than Ever
The jury's still out what exactly happened to courtship (dead? alive? hiding?), but here's a chivalrous act we saw make a stellar comeback this year: Love songs. From the two guys who serenaded college students, to musical proposals, to the 96-year-old man who wrong a love song for his late wife, these tunes hit all the right warm and fuzzy notes this year. We're hoping to see many more men sing their hearts out in 2014.

There's A Word For Your BFF That's Also Kind Of Your Boyfriend

Having a bestie or a boyfriend just didn't cut it this year. There's a new type of relationship around and there's a good chance you're in one.

Attached to your platonic best friend to the point where everyone thinks you're a lesbian couple? Welcome to the club — the "frouple" club. The new buzzword ('friend' + 'couple) was coined to describe your can't-live-without-you relationship, which is a step above being BFFs. And, all throughout the year, we've seen frouples popping up like never before. Real women shared their experiences with their inseparable besties, Hollywood frouples were stronger than ever (think George Clooney and Brad Pitt), and we even learned some foolproof pickup lines to score a new BFF.

Taking Your Affair To A Chain Restaurant

Ever wonder where betrayal goes down? Well, finally, a survey from dating site Ashley Madison by  answered your burning question. Chain restaurants. Yep, adulterers and their mistresses prefer the menu at Morton's Steakhouse, especially. Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman explained chain restaurants are larger, less conspicuous, dimly lit and close to business areas near hotels. Can't make it to Morton's? Friendly's, TGI Fridays and Red Lobster all welcome the unfaithful.

 "Must Love Piggy Banks" Is The New "Tall, Dark And Handsome"

Money was a hot, hot topic in the dating world this year — especially when it comes to management. While we made the case for men paying on dates as not having to do with how much money someone has, but being an essential part of courtship, several studies showcased the importance of handling what's in your wallet. One study found that money savers are considered better dating material than big spenders and several real women agreedThe New York Times  even compared having a bad credit score to having an STD in the dating world — and found that credit scores are playing a larger role in dating, even more than shared interests. 

We're Dating More Creatively Than Ever Before

If niche dating sites (looking to date a clown?) or asking someone out over LinkedIn weren't crafty enough, we discovered tons of unique ways to meet that special someone this year. They say pheromones play a role in attraction, but Houston took it to the next level with a singles event involving a sniff test. Daters brought their laundry-bound t-shirts and smell their way to a potential mate. And then, let's not forget about LoveRoom, the app that lets you rent your room to attractive people. We can't wait (and we're a little scared) to see what's next.

10. Looking For Someone To Finance Meals? There's A Site & Tumblr For That.

Remember when we told you about the foodie serial dater who was looking for men to finance her meals and blogging about it? Well, she's not the only one out in the open about her gold-digging dinner date ways. We already mentioned how hot the debate about who should pay for dates was this year, and one new dating site offers a solution. HiDine is online dating for people who like expensive meals, and agree that men should pay for dinner. Sound like love? Check, please!