5 Trending Styles You'll Want To Know About


Different fashion styles that you'll want to keep up with!

The 2013-2014 winter season brings a whole new set of fashion trends for the modern man. If you are looking to stay ahead of the fashion curve and start the New Year off flashing the latest styles, here’s a guide of five men’s fashion trends that are expected to be big in the coming year.


The Return of the Turtleneck

The turtleneck is no longer just for Steve Jobs wannabes, European race car drivers or Bond villains – they are coming back in a big way for everyone. Roll neck jumpers and sweaters are all the rage this winter, with fashion stars like Tom Ford incorporating the turtleneck into their latest collections. The roll neck is also a fantastic article of clothing to work with when you are layering for the cold weather.


Beards Are Over

The blogs have been forcing beards down our throats all year, and we've been enough. Get some shave cream at the supermarket and take a razor to your beard for 2014. The rugged look has been exhausted and it’s time to move back towards a clean cut look without the shaggy beard and hair. Good grooming is back in a big way this year.


Out With Flannel, In With Checks

Another casualty of the rugged look is flannel. In the coming year, it’s going to be all about checks. Checks give off the same sturdy and manly vibe, but are a more refined pattern than flannel. And while flannels only work for casual looks, checks can be incorporated in a variety of looks and styles both casual and formal.


Get Tonal

Keeping with the trend of looking more sophisticated and refined, tonal dressing is going to be a big thing this winter. Mixing and matching colors, especially when layering, was huge last year. However, this year is all about keeping it tonal. If you are looking for a go-to color for your tonal outfits this year, try out blue and green first. Mixing and matching dark shades of these colors especially is going to be really popular on the streets and runways this winter.


Bracelets are Back

It seems that bracelets on men have not really been a thing since the 90s, but they are coming back now. Whether you are into leather cuffs, beading, silver chain links or anything else, the good thing about the return of the man-bracelets is that you have a lot of options and it’s alright to mix and match various options.


These tips should be enough to put you on the right style path this winter and continue evolving your fashion identity into the coming spring and summer seasons.