8 New Year's Resolutions To Amp Up Your Date Night Beauty Routine

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8 resolutions for revving things up in 2014.

Whether you're re-entering the dating field, or looking to add a little sizzle to your snooze-worthy Saturday night beauty routine, we've rounded up eight resolutions for revving things up in 2014.

We recommend kicking things off sooner rather than later to get a (soft, sexy) leg up on the competition (and start racking up those compliments).


Start Making Cuts
And don't stop. Whether you're ready to make a big change (pixie, perhaps?), or just looking to break free of those dead ends, a good hair cut can often be the key (or at least a window) to confidence. Schedule a trim every three months this year to keep those phone calls coming.


Meet Your Match

Starting with your skin. Skip playing the drugstore aisle guessing game or (even worse) tossing a "close enough" shade in your online shopping cart and save face by asking an expert at your trusted beauty counter (superstores like Sephora carry a variety of brands) to take you through a test-run. Knowing your skin type (such as oily or combination) will also help you choose the right formula. Tip: Can't get to the counter? Opt for a foundation that changes with your skin.


Buff Your Way Beautiful

While it's never a bad idea to invest in products that enhance your natural features and palette, you can lessen the amount of coverage you need (if not eliminate it completely) by exfoliating regularly. In addition to incorporating a face (and body) scrub into your cleansing routine several days a week (or more as long as there are no signs of irritation), stretch out facials with an at-home peel, and battle signs of aging with a moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream.

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Make a Bold Move

Break out of a boring beauty rut (this is where his "wow" comes in) every so often with a bold lip (red is always a safe bet), eye (a little smoke may just reignite that old flame) or nail (lay on the sparkle). It will create a sense of newness for your date, and keep him on his toes for the next. Tip: Add false eye lashes for a more dramatic effect.


Single Out a Scent

There's just something about having a signature scent that oozes sex appeal and sophistication. While the old standby is Chanel No. 5, there are now countless fragrances (fruity, floral — the list goes on) to choose from. Find one that neither of you can get enough of, and stick to it (or shall we say each other?).

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Smooth Down

Have you ever missed out on a game of footsies or a stress-relieving cuddle session due to rough or unshaven skin? If you don't have the time for your pre-date pedi and wax prep, avoid embarrassment by keeping a good foot scrubber and a DIY depilatory on-hand for any close calls. Then, seal the deal with a moisturizing lotion.


Get Mouthy

One of the first things someone notices about a person, or recalls when listing physical assets, is his or her smile. Make sure yours is pucker (and picture) perfect by brushing and flossing, as well as making trips to the dentist, regularly. Whitening strips can further brighten those pearly whites on a budget.


Go the Extra Mile
Literally. In addition to helping with your physical (and mental) health, a superfood-enriched diet (including salmon, citrus and nuts) and exercise go a long way when it comes to radiant skin and hair.