Love Bytes: The 11 Signs You're Ready To Settle Down

couple on couch

Plus, what never to say to a working mom. Ever.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock or deactivated your Facebook account (same thing?), you know we're deep into "engagement season." But are you ready to settle down? See the 11 signs you're ready to have him put a ring on it. (The Stir)

Would you get plastic surgery down there just to please your man? See what this sexpert thinks. (Essence)

Bloodshed, barbies and how Miesha Tate became a MMA fighter. (Bleacher Report)

Love guys in hoodies? Then just wait until you see these DOGS in hoodies. You're welcome. (The Chive)

Don't believe everything guys say, work on yourself…and keep working, and more relationship lessons you wish you'd known sooner. (A New Mode)

Single and ready to mingle? Find out what really attracts a man when you're out. (Cupids Pulse)

Have a box of tissue handy? See this old married couple reenact Up in a photoshoot. (The Frisky)

Virgin? Here's everything you've ever needed to know about your V-card. (Gurl)

Bourbon marshmallows, whiskey praline pecans, and more things you should've bought your whiskey-loving beau for Christmas. (HiConsumption)

The real signs your guy is ready to put a ring on it.  (The Gloss)

Want him to pop the question already? Here's how you do it, according to a guy. (A New Mode)

"I don't know how you do it. I'd feel too guilty." ... and more things never to say to a working mother. (HLNtv)

How can you heal and move on after a broken heart? Here's a must-watch video with the answer. (Cupids Pulse)

Is sex on the first date an instant relationship killer? Here's what a guy thinks. (A New Mode)

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