10 Reasons Not To Reconcile With Your Ex On New Year's Eve

Women celebrating New Year's eve together
Family, Heartbreak

Skip the New Year's Eve kiss, it's not worth going through the heartbreak all over again.

It's hard at any time of the year to stay away from an ex. But during the holidays, moving on can be even worse since it's the most romantic time of the year. After all, Christmas Eve is the most popular day for marriage proposals.

If you've made it this far without running back to your broken relationship, congrats! But another holiday is coming up and this one especially puts emphasis on having someone to kiss. But hooking up with your ex can lead to more questions than answers.

To keep you staying strong, we're reminding you of why you definitely shouldn't reconcile with your ex this New Year's Eve, from how it affects your friends and family to how it interferes with your future.

Find out what the 10 reasons are here: 10 Reasons Not To Make Up With Your Ex Over The Holidays


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