Home for the Holidays: Ideas for Your Next Party

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When you have a holiday party coming up, use these tips to make it great!

The holiday season is filled with festive activities including attending parties, family and friends are coming over to your home for a holiday party and you want it to be special. There are some great ideas for adding extra spice to your party that will make it a more memorable experience.

Make Customized Invitations
Skip the standard store bought party invitations and make your own. There are easy ways to create customized invitations that feature your own creative ideas. These invitations can be completely handmade using craft supplies, or use online tools that allow you to choose templates and add messages. Make them fancy or funny. Either way, your invites should get everyone excited to come out for a great time.

Go Natural With Decorations
Decorate the tree and home with natural items like fresh flowers, pine cones, apples, walnuts, pomegranates and popcorn. Create elegant centerpieces with decorative vases, candles, garlands, oranges, cranberries, holly and tree ornaments. A natural theme will be inviting and create a great atmosphere and conversation starter.

Dress Up in Themed Costumes
Invite all your guests to dress up in costumes that reflect the spirit of the season. Costume ideas are Santa, elves, reindeer, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, snowman or woman, etc. Award a prize for the best costume. Make a photo booth and allow guests to photograph their costumes in any pose for the contest later.

Serve Food Buffet Style
Keep food simple by serving it buffet style. Many people prefer tasty appetizers at a party to heavy foods. Create a separate buffet table for sweet treats. Let everyone come and go as they please.

Have a Holiday Baking and Decorating Party
Before the real party you can invite some folks over to help with the baking and decorating. Put on some holiday music and serve drinks and snacks. This can be great practice for you and will help get you prepared for the big day.

Hold an Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest
Tell guests to show up wearing an ugly holiday themed sweater. These will stir up lots of laughs and create a sense of unity and fun to the party.

Keep Your Home Secure During the Holidays
During all of the preparations for your party remember to make sure that there are safety measures in place. When your home is protected by a home security company such as Vivint home automation, you have peace of mind that your loved ones will be safe.

The holidays are a time when unsavory types like to prey on unsuspecting homeowners that are focused on holiday cheer. Take a moment to do a full security check before and after your party to ensure all is well. There is no place like home when it comes to celebrating the season with family and friends. Create warm memories by adding some extra special touches to your holiday party.