You Still Need A Good Education No Matter What Your Husband Says


Many modern women have to work, and an education will better equip them for a higher-paying job.

The world has changed. The days of happy homemakers running the household, while the husband heads off to work to earn the preservative-free bacon are gone. June Cleaver and Carol Brady are remnants of an idyllic past and as far from our current reality as the Jetson's robot maid.

The truth is that many modern women have to work--and an education will not only better equip them for the job, but it will enable them to be more competitive, win promotions, and earn more bacon. If you're still not convinced, here are some other compelling reasons to continue your schooling.

Male Unemployment

The Great Recession may have ended in 2009, but its effects continue to resonate throughout the nation. Two of the hardest hit sectors, construction and manufacturing, have experienced extensive job loss--jobs that were mainly held by men. As a result, families have been thrown into economic peril and many women are now the principle breadwinners.

Family Break-ups

The cold hard reality is that a vast number of marriages wind up in divorce. And, sadly, some women are left widowed. It is important for you to have options if, Heaven forbid, any of these misfortunes befall you. After all, you will be the one called upon to put a roof over your children's heads and bacon in their bellies.

Lack of Benefits

Without an education, many women are relegated to low-paying jobs with part-time hours and a lack of benefits. A diploma or degree will better enable you to acquire full-time salaried work and perks like medical coverage and dental care.

The Family Economy

A recent study conducted by the University of New Hampshire reveals that the average family's reliance on the employed wife's income is greater than ever. On average, women now pull in 47 percent of the family income--a huge increase from just 40 percent in 1995. An education will increase your odds of having a high salary--ensuring that your 47 percent can buy some serious bacon.

Furthermore, the overall family income is expected to drop inch by inch for the next twenty years--despite the fact that the cost of living continues to rise. According to Cornell University, the median income of most households will dip by roughly a half of a percent every year for two decades. If you wish to maintain your current standard of living, you need to find work that will enable you to become upwardly mobile--and, to achieve this, you will likely need a degree.

You have the same needs as men

A college degree also yields many benefits that are totally unrelated to your bank account. It is important for your self-esteem that you are able to set goals for yourself and achieve them. The confidence and sense of accomplishment that comes from graduating from college or university is priceless.

You will also make new friends and develop new business contacts during your time at school. Furthermore, it is good for your mental health to stimulate your mind and overcome challenges.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with walking in the shoes of Carol Brady or June Cleaver, if that's the path you choose. The important thing is to create a safety net--something to fall back on if things don't go according to plan. You never know when that degree will come in handy or when your husband will stop bringing home the bacon.

How has your education improved your family's quality of life?