YourTango 'Sizzle' Reel 2013: Our 10 Hottest Stories Of The Year!

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From marriage equality to men with beards, these were your favorite topics of 2013.

We had a pretty great 2013 here at YourTango—thanks in large part to our readers and their insatiable appetite for stories about love, relationships and, yes, sex. But what were the topics you couldn't get enough of this year? What were the stories you were compelled to share with all of your Facebook friends and engage in heated comment wars over? We've compiled your top 10.

Here's to a juicy, thought-provoking and love-filled new year!

'Fifty Shades' & Christian Grey Madness

The movie won't hit theaters till 2015, but we're not wasting any time fixating on Fifty Shades Of Grey.

This year, that included the breathtaking quest for Mr. Grey. We explored all the contenders—Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill and, of course, Jamie Dornan himself.

Needless to say, you were completely obsessed.
Guys You Should Be Dating Right Now

Some of our hottest stories this year were the ones that advocated dating the underdog: He has a lot to offer.

Among your favorites: Reasons to date a guy with a beard, a ginger, a short dude, a bald man and even Southern guys. And we didn't have to look very far for some very legit reasons to court them. We love you, underrated men!
Love, Equality & LGBT Rights

Whether it was the overturning of DOMA & Prop 8 and the legalization of gay marriage, the celebration of Women's Equality Day or the remembrance of Loving Day—a historic victory for interracial couples—2013 was all about the right to love who we want and how.
Exclusive Celebrity Interviews

Snooki spilled on how she lost her virginity. Heidi Klum revealed the bizarre craft projects she does with her kids.

But for you, blood was thicker than water. You went crazy for our celeb interviews with The Property Brothers (team Jonathan or team Drew?).

Let's see which stars we'll catch in 2014...

'O' my! In 2013 you were all about self-love, and your interest peaked on July 31st—National Orgasm Day—when we compiled that 10 most insane but true things that cause orgasms (and little known facts about faking them).
'Bachelor' & 'Bachelorette' Mania

Wow. Where do we start on 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette'? Perhaps with all the lies those evil shows told you.

But who are we kidding? Pretty much anything related to Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici got your attention. Let's see what kinds of stunts these two pull in 2014.
Online Dating

Our controversial exposé on online dating, written by prominent YourTango expert Charles Orlando, made quite a splash when we published it this year. It inspired your passion, your wrath—and a few
Saddest Men Waiting For Their Women In The Mall

Perhaps we all have a soft spot in our hearts for the men—significant others, dads, brothers—who have, at one time or another, stayed by our sides (or at least close by...with our bags) while we ransacked the racks at Nordstrom or took full advantage of the Friends & Family Sale at Macy's. In 2013, we raised our glasses to the saddest men waiting for the women they love at the mall.
The TV Shows You Love A Little Too Much

How do you know you're obsessed with the TV show 'Scandal'? Here are 24 unmistakeable signs. Or maybe you're a 'Sons Of Anarchy'/Charlie Hunnam girl. 'Downton Abbey', anyone?
Love Secrets!

Whether you were after a successful relationship, a healthy marriage or a blissful singlehood, in 2013 you loved a juicy secret anywhere you could get it. And we had plenty.