Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide: 14 Awesome Gifts From Both Of You

last-minute holiday gift guide

Eleventh-hour gift ideas for the people who bring you cheer all year.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...er, I mean, it's not beginning to. It's been looking like Christmas for a while now; it's just that you haven't gone shopping. Cue freakout? Well, not necessarily. We're going to assume you already found the perfect present for your S.O. (if you haven't, head here), and skip straight to the other people in your life: your parents, his parents, that couple you love to hang out with...his boss' holiday party, which you're attending this weekend.

We've assembled 14 perfect last-minute gift ideas that you can pick up nearby or online in time for December 25th, so you can skip the stress and get straight to the merry.

Gifts For Parents & In-Laws

Last-minute gift: If your folks live in the tri-state area or are planning to visit, they'll adore What's It All About: Burt Bacharach Reimagined. In this modern-day musical at the New York Theater Workshop, a group of musical 20-somethings reinvent the song catalog of Burt Bacharach. Your parents and in-laws will be nostalgic for classic love tunes like Don't Make Me Over and Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. Actually, you will too.

11th-Hour Gift: If you're really pressed for time—or your parents have no plans to visit the Big Apple—book them a massage for two at a local spa on Spafinder. They deserve it.

Photo: New York Theater Workshop

Gifts For Siblings (And Their Significant Others)

Last-Minute Gift: Give your sis and bro a gift they won't forget: an incredible experience they can have together Gifts.com offers Experiential Gift Guides based on location, including exciting treats like private surfing lessons, a gondola cruise and a helicopter tour.

11th-Hour Gift: Really strapped for time? Give siblings something both singles and couples can enjoy (and you can purchase instantly): A Spotify gift card.
Niece and Nephew Gifts

Last-minute gift: This year, it's all about gifts that stimulate kids' minds With all the hoopla surrounding GoldieBlox—a new company that produces engineering toys geared toward girls—it's no wonder they're mostly sold out this year. But guess what? You can head over to Amazon and nab GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine in time for holiday delivery. For nephews, try Magformers.

11th-hour gift: Too late to order online? No sweat. Head to Toys R Us and grab Lego Minifigures, which are geared toward both genders.

Photo: Toys R Us

Gifts For Your Favorite Couple Friends

Last-minute gift: Whether it's for Christmas morning or a cozy night in front of the fireplace, hot chocolate is one of the sweetest little gifts any couple can receive Up the ante by wrapping up Williams Sonoma's Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows set. They come in six delish flavors—including vanilla and peppermint—and best of all, you can pick up the gift set at your local store in a pinch.

11th-hour gift: If you're really running low on time, hit up your local nursery and pick out a rosemary tree. Not only does it look like a tiny Christmas tree, but it also bears fresh herbs that your pals can cook with all winter long.

Photo: Williams Sonoma

Grandparent Gifts

Last-minute gift: Head to your local B&H, J&R or other electronics superstore to get grandma and grandpa a modern tabletop radio with a distinctly old-school aesthetic Tivoli Audio makes the most handsome sound systems we've seen.

11th-hour gift: If you need something special in a jiffy, look no further than Audible.com, where you can buy grandma and grandpa a gift subscription that lets them download audio books to their heart's (and ears') content.

Photo: Tivoli Audio

Host & Hostess Gifts

Last-minute gift: You may have shown up to their place with a six-pack before, but this time you're not bringing any old bottles of beer: You're packing their favorite brews into a rustic Wood Beer Caddy from West Elm. It's easy for your host and hostess to travel with and comes with a stainless bottle opener.

11th-hour gift: A pineapple. That's right, an actual pineapple from the supermarket. Despite its prickly exterior, the tropical fruit is a longstanding symbol of hospitality, cheer and affection.

Photo: West Elm

Pet Gifts

Last-minute gift: Luckily, Fido won't know you forgot about him until the day before Christmas, when you logged on to Barkbox and ordered him a subscription for a year's worth of treats to delivered to your door once a month. At least, you think he won't know...

11th-hour gift: Need something for Princess Paws to open under the tree? How about TropiClean Spa Lavish Facial Cleanser & Tear Stain Remover Pet Shampoo. It helps exfoliate her skin and get stains out of her beard. (Just don't tell her she has a beard.)

Photo: Barkbox