Don’t Assume Your Marriage Is Over: There is hope


Is your marriage going through a hectic time? Have you or your spouse expressed desires to split up?

Husbands and wives are not competitors. Rather they are companions. In fact, your spouse is, above all, your greatest ally against the world. Today, it’s all too common for couples to get divorced. Many give up on their relationship. Though for some spouses this is the right decision, divorce can be a traumatic situation and children of broken families often suffer deleterious psychological effects. At the same time, a separation or divorce is also a miserable experience for the couple as well.

Is your marriage going through a hectic time? Have you or your spouse expressed desires to split up? Even when it feels hopeless, don’t assume that your marriage is over. There are many ways to fix the problems and improve the relationship as a whole.

Discuss your feelings with your partner

There are likely many reasons you believe your marriage is almost over. It’s time to sort out these problems. Go to a candlelit dinner with your partner. Take time for that date night where you can at least experience the fleeting memories of what your relationship was based upon. Take the time to have a productive discussion about your feelings and express how you envision your marriage working over the next few months.

You must listen to your partner. At the same time, ask your partner to listen to you too. You need to at least make an effort to understand each other and be sympathetic to the other’s feelings. Don’t harp on the problems in your relationship but communicate them to some degree. Once you vocalize your feelings, you can begin to take action to prevent separation and rekindle the romance.

Take a vacation

These days, we’re all busy. This general business can be a major reason for not being able to devote time to those we’re close with. In terms of married couples, they tend to lose focus on the relationship and instead get caught up in other hobbies or priorities. This leads to emotional distance, which causes even small issues to grow and fester until it feels as if they can’t be fixed. Though you may find yourself lost and in despair, there is often still love that can be rekindled. Don’t assume your marriage is over no matter how alone you feel.

When you and your partner find it difficult to devote time for each other, you must find a way to escape the routine of daily life and take a break. Try taking a mini vacation. Traveling is gratifying in all respects. Vacationing with your spouse can help minimize the stressors and tiring situations of your married life. When you recreate happy moments and spend time enjoying each other’s company, it can be enough to save a failing marriage.

Be honest with yourself

You must be honest with yourself if you’re experiencing feelings of hopelessness in your marriage. Don’t make any sudden decisions when it comes to your relationship. You must counsel yourself first to at least attempt to save your marriage. A good place to start is by taking a look at the relationship counseling pages on Mort Fertel’s website which offer recommendations and actionable tips to improve your marriage fitness to save your relationship.

Overall, you must at least try to find ways to ameliorate the situation before you turn your back on your marriage. So, be honest with yourself and recognize that change won’t happen overnight.

The bottom line:

Overall, if you think that your marriage is over, don’t jump straight to a separation from your spouse. Instead, think about the ways you can fix the problems in your marriage. You might find that there are many worthy qualities in your partner and the marriage is worth saving.