Creative Copy Cat: 4 Celebrity Homes Worth Replicating


5 Celebrity abodes that we envy, but that we can also imitate.

Many people turn to celebrities for a variety of inspirations. From the latest fashion to charity; if the stars are doing it, chances are we want to too. A look into the homes of some of the biggest celebrities makes it clear that a lot of their core decor choices can be replicated in your home too!

Oprah Winfrey's Comfy Cottage

Oprah Winfrey makes her lavish mansion feel like a cross between Grandma's house and every girl's dream cottage. The upholstery is adorned in plaids, toiles and tassels, matching throw pillows and rugs all while surrounded by loads of personal photos and books. Coffee tables, end tables and similar furniture are simple, wooden pieces. She then has the walls covered in a lively version of the room's theme colors, adds paintings and mirrors and voile! A cozy space! No one thing speaks too loudly in this home. To achieve a similar look, try finding a good balance in between your decorative pieces and your “homey” décor (personal pictures, family mementos, etc.) Having a color scheme for each room can really bring things together and make a room look more polished.

Courtney Cox's Modern Retreat

Finally, we will stop at Courtney Cox's place where it is very modern and sleek. Everything in her home has a straight, clean edge; all colored in hues of white, black and grey. To add some edginess there are splashes of purple throughout the home in the form of accents such as flowers, and throws. Plush rugs take away some of the coldness of the hard lines and make the rooms feel more like home. If you're looking to replicate this modern retreat, find a sleek color that you like and use it as an accent—you don't have to use the same color throughout the whole house. You can add other small items like DAUM Crystal, modern art, or silver and black frames to give your home that modern edge.

Jennifer Lopez's Posh Pad

Jennifer Lopez has a very simple, yet elegant style in her home that would be very easy to achieve in any home. Just about everything in her home is between the colors khaki and blush. From the hardwood floors throughout, to upholstery, paint and furniture; they all are in these tones. The home is mostly void of knickknacks and wall hangings with the exception of a few candles and photos. The house is very empty in a carefully uncluttered way without making the home feel like a model. If you're home is a little overrun by décor, this could be a great theme to try. Simplicity is beauty, and perhaps taking away some of the bulky or “in your face” decorations to make your home a simpler, more relaxing place to be.

Reese Witherspoon's Secret Ranch

Reese Witherspoon incorporates a rustic feel in her home by using lighting encased in heavy metalwork and touches of shabby-chic wooden furniture. She sticks to light colors for accents and walls, as well as using leather occasionally to achieve that “home on the range” sensation. Long curtains that graze the floor and tufts in furniture add a feminine touch to the home. To get Reese's relaxed look, go with more conservative colors, and softer textures. More plain colors doesn't mean that it has to be boring, however. Try adding some splashes of color in pillows, curtains, or wall fixtures to make the relaxed décor look a little more interesting.

All in all, it is pretty easy to find great decorating ideas by looking at your favorite celeb's home decor choices. Pick key things that aren't too expensive to put in your home such as simple themes, similar fabrics and wall coverings; no need to go broke to have great style!