Only Love A Man Who Says You’re My Type


When I Wished It Was Me: Only Love A Man Who Says You’re My Type

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Always and only be attracted to the men who say unabashedly that you’re their type. Why? It saved your heart and sanity in the long run. The idea came to me when I was listening to a self-hypnosis meditation from hypnotist Steve Jones. The famous master hypnotist featured on Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker show. Jones had a hypnosis recording on recovering from romantic rejection. One of the words in the script was the instructions to imagine a celebrity having your back while remembering the moment the object of your desire rejected you. The reasoning behind the guided visualization was that inserting a celebrity you admired was a quick way to program your subconscious mind to take your love object off the pedestal in your brain. Brilliant!

Whom did I choose to be the celebrity who had my back? The face of Adonis: actor Michael Fassbender.

Yes, Fassbender represents for me, and what I love about him, is that I’m his type. He loves the exotic ladies and of that I am. This is not about validation. Just a hint that my love picker is on a much better track. Once upon a time I’d fall for a Ken who only had eyes for a Malibu Barbie.

Why make love harder than it is? Love is easy. Forget the men who are not attracted to women who look like you. Seek out those who have a thing for your type. Guess what, the men who like your type, can be as hot and intelligent as Michael Fassbender. I used to be convinced that only tech geeks with non-existent social skills found my Eurasian looks appealing. Am I ever glad I was wrong! That’s why Captain America Light is a good guy pal to have. He’s got Fassbender’s taste along with the same blue eyes and ginger-blond hair.

Whom would be the last celebrity I’d imagine if listening to that same Steve Jones hypnotic journey? Colin Farrell. Not because he is the long lost twin of Ronan (aka Captain America Dark) but because I’m not his type. Well, actually, I’ve read gossip magazines that say Farrell shares Fassbender’s exotic taste in women. However, Farrell is rumored to only allow the press to photograph him with his Malibu Barbie girlfriends. Fassbender has never seemed to care or at least never tried to cover it up. Fassbender’s last few real-life leading ladies were African-American, Asian, or a mixture of both. The German-Irish Adonis is known to be open about his preference for the exotic. I love it.

Steve Jones and his self-hypnosis recording prompted me to remind myself that not looking like Malibu Barbie doesn’t prevent me from getting a date. Just like my looks were not a detractor for Brett (aka Captain America Light) from contacting me as a random stranger on Meetup. In fact, it’s a chilling thought to ponder that had I looked like Malibu Barbie, catching the piercing Arctic Ocean blue eyes of a man such as Fassbender, may not happen.

Who wants to be some undercover secret lover? Not I. I am nothing to be ashamed about.