Oh Dear Santa. Is 'Love Actually 2' Really Happening?!

Scene from Love Actually

Watch the movie's trailer!

Love Actually is a classic: it's romantic, it's hilarious and it brings on Christmas cheer like almost no other movie can. Fans have been divided on whether or not a sequel to the heartwarming holiday flick should be made, because, well, how do you expand on perfection?

But buzz around a potential Love Actuallyis louder than ever. Is it really happening?!

Well, no. But there is a trailer. And it's pretty amazing.

In the faux Love Actually 2 teaser, we catch up on what the cast has been doing since they made the holiday opus in 2003. And uh, it's a lot different from professing love through cue cards.

Mark (Andrew Lincoln) is killing zombies—one of which is Billy Mack (Bill Nighy). Juliet (Keira Knightley) is a bounty hunter. Jamie (Colin Firth) became the king of England. You see where this is going?

Our favorite is probably Liam Neeson as Daniel, threatening to kill Harry (Alan Rickman) for kidnapping his son, Sam (Thomas Sangster) ... then fighting off wolves to save him. A close second? Billy Bob Thornton going from President of the United States to a mall Santa who beats up children.

Who said you can't go from a romantic to a complete badass (or sociopath)? Check out the parody Love Actually 2 trailer here!


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