Communication Breakdown


Communication is really a simple thing, but you have to follow a few basic rules to do it right.

Every couple has a communication breakdown in their marriage at some point. In fact, most couples have numerous breakdowns in communication throughout their marriage. Communication is really a simple thing, but somehow as humans, we complicate things and blur the lines of communication with our spouse and our relationships begins to get out of focus quickly.

When love and feelings are involved, any misunderstanding with your mate can lead to anger, frustration and withdrawal. In order for you and your spouse to avoid these communication issues, you must develop good communication skills. They are essential for a long, fulfilling marriage. The good news is that you can improve your communication skills, you can easily improve communication with your mate if you are willing to work on it as a couple.

The first thing you both need to realize is that neither of you is a mind reader; meaning you have to let your mate know exactly what you are feeling and don't assume they know what you are thinking or feeling. Knowing that your husband or wife will never read your mind is an important first step, but avoiding a communication breakdown with your mate also requires simple, clear statements or comments that can be easily understood. You need to avoid complicated words or phrases that may confuse your mate. Tell them exactly what is on your mind or heart, but do it calmly and in control with very little emotion.

If you want to minimize any communication breakdown in your marriage, you need to make sure you are creating the right environment for good discussion. That means getting away from the TV, computers, cell phones and other distractions that may interfere with your attempt to share your feelings and thoughts with your mate.

Once you eliminate those distractions you will be able hear what your spouse is saying. So when you begin to share with one another, you need to make sure you listen more than talk. My mother used to always say, "God gave you two ears and one mouth, so you should listen twice as much as you talk" and I think she was giving great advice to every married couple out there. By doing this, you will avoid any serious communication breakdown when you are trying to express frustration and disappointment.