Want To Know The Real Reason He Didn't Call You Back?

Dating Advice: Reasons He Didn't Call You Back

Actually, the reason could be one of three.

Dating sucks. First dates especially suck. It's like your interviewing someone to decide whether they will play a role in your life and, let's be frank, gain access to your lady parts.

So, you meet a guy (or girl), exchange numbers, text for a few days, talk on the phone, and decide you are interested, then comes the first date. Excitement at this point is at an all time high. For me it's a mix of excitement and nausea, but I digress. No matter what you're feeling there is always a hope that this person will become your "person." The first date goes really well and you end up talking for hours, he kisses you goodnight and tells you he had a great time ... Cut to three days later and you still haven't heard from him, so you think that he's probably just playing it cool and send him a quick text to let him know you had a great time. Here it is two weeks later and it's been total radio silence. You can't help but wonder what the hell happened right? Did my breath stink, was my game off, what did I do?!

Here are three reasons he didn't call ...

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