Sovereign Style: East & West


Queen Maxima and Queen Jetsun are Western and Eastern Queen Consorts

As newly Crowned Queen of her generation, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands has a striking, more cosmopolitan style in contrast to her peer in the East, Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan. Jetsun is the youngest Queen Consort among the reigning royal families in the world and has been liked by the people upon her debut on the day of her marriage.

Queen Maxima is known far and wide by royal fashion watchers for her love of colorful flamboyance, and it’s a skill that stands her in good stead as she begins her royal life as Queen Consort of the Netherlands. She has been irrepressible in her style choices and vivid in expressing her vividly flamboyant personality through her style choices. As Queen Consort, she retains a love of festive dress and has thus far continued to enjoy glittering styles, but has added an additional modesty, as indicated in her choice of dress during the state visit to Luxembourg, wearing a medium dark forest green dress with a high scooped neckline and wearing a sequined blouse with tan skirt and matching tan low stiletto heels. She has succeeded in finding the ability to retain individual flamboyance while maintaining the tradition of modesty important to her position as royal consort.

In the East, Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan has made a subtle, but important debut on the world stage of Asian/East Asian royalty. She is twenty-two, four years older than the late Princess Diana of Wales and upon her marriage; Jetsun has been Queen, not just a crown princess.
Jetsun has shown conservatism unprecedented for a young royal wife at her age. It is reminiscent of the early years of Princess Diana, who started out as a conservative dressed Consort, but then became a more daringly cosmopolitan style trendsetter, lauded as an icon. Her Majesty has dressed in Western style when visiting the Western region, but has mainly dressed in the conservative styles expected of a young woman who is both Queen and Asian. Like Queen Maxima, Jetsun has Bhutan, designed and made by the Bhutanese people over which her husband reigns. She wore a kimono during a state visit to Japan and has maintained a high neckline at all times and as a result of her modest preferences and expectations of tradition, has not had any ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ that characterize many of the royal women on the world stage today.