Looking Back - Princess Bride of Sweden


Diane Crow at Your Tango Tells Readers the Bride’s Choice of Fashion from Engagement to Wedding

Engagement Announcement

Looking tanned and wearing a dark bottle green dress, Princess Madeleine of Sweden announced her engagement to New York based American financier Chris O’ Neill. Photos were then distributed of her in more casual wear, cuddling her fiancé. It was a time of celebration, that after her heartache on the part of ex-fiancé Jonas Bergstrom, that at long last she had finally found true love. So now, Diane Crow at Total Prestige has decided to cover the fashionable princess through the announcement of her engagement to her Banns ceremony, to her pre-wedding dinner, to the big day and Total Prestige will continue to cover HRH’s life in New York as a bride and wife, hopefully soon, a mother.

The Banns Ceremony

For the Banns ceremony Princess Madeleine wore an elegant mint-green off-shoulder knee length cocktail dress designed by a designer of her native Sweden, Par Engsheden, who was also an honored guest at the reading ceremony. She accented her sun kissed tanned skin with dark rose-colored lipstick and lightly applied eye shadow and no hat. Madeleine met Chris while she was living in New York working for her mother’s charity “World Childhood Foundation,” a nonprofit philanthropic organization founded by her mother Queen Silvia. As a part of the fashion team, Princess Madeleine's hairdresser Johan Hellstrom attended the event with boyfriend Andre.

Church personnel who presided over the blessing:

Chaplain Lars-Göran Lönnermark
Pastor of the Royal Court Parish Michael Bjerkhagen
Chaplain Staffan Eklund

Government officials present at the blessing:

Swedish Prime Minister John Fredrik Reinfeldt who has been incumbent since 2006. He has served as chariman of Moderate Party (a political organization that is a combination of liberal and conservative) since 2003 and served his country with distinction, holding the position of President of the European Council in 2009.

Speaker of Parliament Per Westerberg who is formally addressed as "Mr. Speaker" and was appointed by the Alderman, a title held by the official who is the longest serving member in Parliament (nominated by the Prime Minister). He was appointed in the second of October, in 2008.

A centuries old tradition, the ceremony consists of the church announcing that the two betrothed individuals intend to marry and gives time for the assembled congregation to speak up and raise reasons as to why the couple should not be allowed to marry (or marry in a church ceremony). This was designed as a way to prevent polygamous unions and incestuous marriages between cousins and siblings. Up until 1973 the banns ceremony were a legal requirement for a valid marriage recognized by the church, yet it has been scaled down to a blessing for the couple by the congregation. Other assembled guests included the girlfriend of her brother (Prince Carl Philip of Sweden), Sofia Hellqvist and friends Emma Pernald and Louise Gottlieb.

Pre-Wedding Dinner Gala

Swedish Princess Wife-To-Be Set a Metallic Fashion Furor

Princess Madeleine celebrated at her pre-wedding dinner wearing a light purple floor length gown embellished with sequin and beads. The designer of the dress is Lebanese born designer Elie Saab and despite the formality, did not wear a tiara. Her decision to wear a color and design that was both modest and modern was apparently in agreement with the additionally modern and modest sensibilities of the other female guests, among them the Princess Charlene of Monaco and Madeleine’s older sister Crown Princess Victoria decided on a more decidedly sexy white dress with a ruche thigh high cut.

Tiara Collection Choices

Which tiara to wear? The royal family of Sweden has a collection of fifteen different tiaras that have the ability to make Madeleine look lovely and regal.

Tiaras available for her to use at her wedding:

Aquamarine Bandeau Tiara Cameo Tiara
Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara Baden Fringe Tiara
Bragança (Brazilian) Tiara Diamond Bandeau Tiara
Connaught Diamond Tiara Napoleonic Cut-Steel Tiara
Diamond Six Button Tiara Diamond Four Button Tiara
King Edward VII Ruby Tiara Napoleonic Amethyst Tiara
Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure Tiara Nine-Prong Tiara
Modern (Carl XVI Gustaf) Fringe Tiara
Queen Sophie's Diamond and Pearl Tiara

History of Each Tiara

Aquamarine Bandeau - Orginally belonging to Queen Louise of Sweden, this tiara is decorated with a single aquamarine, which has caused the tiara to be lovingly nicknamed, the "Cyclops Tiara."

Diamond Bandeau - A simple riviere of two strands of diamonds meant to be tucked discreetly in the hair while at the same time creating a simplified regal elegance for the wearer.

Six Button Tiara - The most shared tiara in the family among the ladies of the Swedish royal House. The buttons on this tiara look like flowers with small leaves.

Four Button Tiara - The buttons on this tiara look like a sunburst or star design, which is a subtle, but significant difference from the Six Button Tiara.

This is a subtle difference, despite the fact that the tiaras do tend to look identical to the casual observer, even to the most dedicated royal observer when reporting about the design and names of the tiaras. However, Princess Madeleine does not wear the design frequently and prefers others.

Tiara Historical Tidbit: They are believed to have orignally been the property of