5 ways to propose to your girlfriend at Christmas - Right way


We roped in a knowledgeable boy to pass on some manly advice about proposing at Christmas

Christmas is such a festive season, where do you begin?

We decided to call in a man in the know. Lee, Web Content Editor from The Stag Company gave us some some advice - man to man...

Plan it well because she'll remember this for the rest of her life

While us men are not be too bothered about where certain moments in our life take place, our girlfriends do care.

Your proposal is probably something that your better half has been thinking, nay dreaming of for years. Be sure to plan every aspect extremely well, as she'll remember it for the rest of her life and you want her to remember the good stuff, not the BBQ sauce stain on your shirt or the fact that you proposed outside a public toilet.

Think about what kind of person she is

You'll need to know where, when and how to propose and this comes down to the kind of person your prospective fiancée is.

If she is outgoing and loves to be the centre of attention then you might want to plan your proposal in a public space, whether it be a packed public event or a restaurant. If you can get her friends involved she'll probably love that too. If your relationship is more reserved and private, then you may want to go down the one-on-one route, and keep it between just you and her.

Finally, if she is close to her family or you to yours then you may want to try and do it in front of some family members. How convenient that you're planning to propose at Christmas then, when close family will be congregating for the holidays!

However, there is one thing that you should definitely be doing during your planning, especially if you're going to pop the question in front of relatives…

Make sure you ask her father before you propose

While some may scoff at the idea and call it old-fashioned, it's still important to honour tradition and ask her father for permission to take her hand in marriage - after all, that's his little girl!

Don't worry about nerves, and make sure you have your reasons ready. While you may just know that marrying her is the right thing to do her father may need convincing slightly, therefore you want to make sure you are able to answer any questions he may throw at you.

Spend time choosing the right engagement ring

The engagement ring is probably the second most important aspect of a proposal, the first being the actual gesture of asking her, of course.

This is something she'll want to wear and show off each and every day, so you need to really do your homework here. Take into account any jewellery she already wears, as this will give you a good idea of the kinds of jewellery she likes to wear.

As for the budget, it is traditionally said to be around two or three months wages but ultimately, if she wants to marry you then price won't come into the equation..

Speak with her friends

This one means being a bit sly and asking a few of her friends to keep things on the down low, but her friends really are the best people to ask for advice and help.

If you don't think you can trust her friends to keep up the premise until you finally pop the question then maybe ask just one of them if they can be trusted. Hopefully they will love the fact that they've been singled out to help and will agree to work under the cover of darkness.