5 Gold-Level Olympic Spouses

Marriage: 5 Gold-Level Olympic Spouses

The ones who really deserve the medals.

Being an Olympic spouse can't be easy. You're wife or hubby is training all the time, or off traveling to competitions. But these five husbands and wives really deserve the gold medal for sticking with their marriage through injuries, wins and losses.



Janson Pace, hubby of Noelle Pikus-Pace, has two children (daughter Lacee and son Traycen) with his skeleton racer-wife and serves as the VP Finance at SnowFire
Skier Billy Demong married his wife, retired skeleton racer Katie Koczynski, in He proposed to her (shown below) during the 2010 Olympics, before coaches, trainers and teammates.
Though he has two children by two separate women, skier Bode Miller married pro-beach volleyball player Morgan Beck
Skater Johnny Weir married Victor Voronov in December , roughly a year after confirming his sexuality in his January 2011 memoir, Welcome to My World.
Skier Johnny Spillane married his wife Hilary, a photographer, in They have two daughters, named Hadley and Genevieve.