Phaedra Parks Addresses Husband's Infidelity Rumors … Kind Of

Adultery: Phaedra Parks Addresses Husband's Infidelity Rumors

Phaedra Parks might be a Southern belle, but she will speak her mind when it comes to her man.

Self-proclaimed Southern belle Phaedra Parks is living in the midst of cheating rumors this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

So far we've witnessed a he-said, she-said between Phaedra's husband and fellow castmate Kenya Moore over inappropriate text messages and not-so-subtle propositions

And while she has remained calm and collected despite the infidelity gossip, Phaedra has some choice words when it comes to women admiring her handsome husband Apollo.

"There is a fine line between a compliment and a whore," Phaedra says with a smirk. 

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