How to recognize true love?


Follow the Guidelines to distinguish the signs of true love.

Every one of us on earth is seeking to find true love. True love can be distinguished from infatuation and conditional love.
Conditional love is when you feel that you can win love only by certain behaviors and conditions. When we start doing things to gain the approval of others, then, we must surely be subject to conditional love. But true love is the opposite- it is unconditional love. It means we are loved for the person we are-with imperfections and with no conditions attached.
Infatuation is a condition where we are blinded by shallow emotions like physical attraction. An attachment based on lust will be mistaken for love, and the two parties are headed for heartbreak and tragedy. If one marries for infatuation, it is said that one may marry in haste and repent at leisure.

How can one distinguish the signs of true love? Here are the following tips:
• You feel like staying loyal.
• You begin to compromise on things.
• You become happy when your partner is happy.
• There is a sense of peace while you think of him or her.
• He or she brings out the best in you.
• You expose your vulnerabilities as you expect to be loved unconditionally.
• You understand the concept of marriage -till death do us part.
• You admire every aspect of your partner’s personality.
• You return to him or her no matter how hard the situation is.
• You want the world to know that you have found a true love.
There are also certain clues to recognize infatuation from true love. They are as follows:
• What is the cause of attraction? In the case of infatuation, it is based on the physical characteristics of the partner. Infatuation based on physical attraction may work initially but will soon wear away with time. True love recognizes other aspects of the partner’s personality rather than mere looks and will last the test of time.
• How many qualities attract you? If you are smitten by a smile or a way of speech, the attraction is a mere infatuation. True love appreciates many qualities of a person.
• How did it start? There is no love at first sight, but there is definitely infatuation at first sight. True love begins slowly and grows on you. A long courtship is better than a short one as one grows to love all aspects of the lover’s personality.
• How strong the feeling is? In the case of infatuation, feelings blow hot and cold easily. In the case of true love, feelings grow warm and tender at a consistent pace.
• What is the effect on your personality? : An infatuated person is always walking in a day dream. But a person truly in love will be motivated to bring out the best in his personality.
• How do you view each other? In the case of an infatuation, your entire universe might seem like revolving round the loved one. But true love runs deeper. Your loved one does mean the world to you, but you will not neglect other friends and family.
• What happens when you part? In the case of infatuation, distance and time will end the relationship while in true love-absence makes the heart grow fonder.
These love advices help you realize whether you are infatuated or experiencing conditional love or whether you are in the real thing-true love.
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