How We Got 50 Shades Of Drunk

50 Shades of Grey: How We Got 50 Shades of Drunk

And how you can too!

Before I begin, let me state that, no, we are not that kind of office.

Not so long ago, we let you all know about the new 50 Shades of Grey wine. The good people behind this genius bit of branding promptly sent us some complementary bottles, which we opened this past Friday. Named Red Silk and White Satin, both wines hail from California. The red is described as a "dark and intense red wine [that] comes together with bright and powerful flavors; it combines savory and decadent fresh berry lushness, tempered by a firm oaked body. The black cherry and caramel aroma give way to rich chocolate and jammy flavors to produce as wine of true character." Meanwhile, the white is described as a "passionate and silky white blend…floral, bright, and round with a hint of oak richness. We blended it to display intense perfume notes of lychee and pear along with crisp acid. This wine has delicate but noticeable body and strong floral notes."

Both bottles bear the distinctive 50 Shades font and tie-print-background on the label, as well as the phrase "You. Are. Mine." It all makes for very seductive packaging.

Naturally, much giggling ensued. One of our editors also coined the term "after smell." We don't quite know what it means, but we like it, and we're sticking with it.