Will Lauren Manzo Invite Her Aunt Dina To Her Wedding?

Marriage: Will Lauren Manzo Invite Aunt Dina Manzo To Her Wedding?
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Lauren Manzo is already busy planning her wedding, but did her aunt Dina Manzo make the guest list?

Mazel, Lauren!

Lauren Manzo, daughter of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo, recently got engaged to longtime boyfriend, Vito Scalia.

While Lauren is busy planning her upcoming wedding, putting together the guest list might be a bit tricky.

Caroline and her younger sister Dina had a falling out as mentioned multiple times on the Bravo reality series, and have remained at odd for the past years.

However, when it came time to tell her family about the happy news, one of Lauren's first texts was to her cousin Lexie, Dina's only daughter.

"I love Lexie more than anything and always want to be close to her."

So Lexie's on the invite list. What about Dina? KEEP READING: Will Dina Manzo Be Invited To Lauren Manzo's Wedding?

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