Infographic: Is He Or She Off Limits?

Infographic: Is He Or She Off Limits?

If you think dating him/her is a bad probably is. Wait not so fast! Check this flowchart.

Are you falling for your roommate? Lusting after a teacher or boss? Having a secret rendezvous with your best friend's very hot and very off-limits sibling? We've partnered with Harlequin KISS™, an imprint of Harlequin, to create an infographic which will help you navigate your own taboo romances and ultimately decide: should you date him or her?

In a new romantic novel from KISS, What the Bride Didn't Know, main characters Lena and Adrian know that they're "off limits" to each other. They grew up together and Adrian is best friend's with Lena's older brother (a bro-code no no!). Not to mention, the two work together in the Special Intelligence Service. But when Adrian and Lena find themselves on a special mission that requires them to pose as husband and wife and even share a bed, something has to give.

Do the two follow their hearts and pursue this off-limits love? You'll have to read the book to find out. In the meantime, use the flowchart below to find out what to do about your own off-limits relation-...or flirtation-ship.

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