Why You Should Put Your Relationship Before Your Kids

Why You Should Put Your Relationship Before Your Kids
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And does making your partner a priority make your child any less of one?

Last week, I read a brilliant article by Heather Morgan Shott called "Why I Always Put My Husband Before My Child." The title alone was so provocative that I couldn't help myself from investigating the article, but also I couldn't wait to read what some of the comments about her beliefs. The way the title reads to some folks is: "Why I Believe My Husband Deserves MORE Of My Love, Affection, Time & Consideration Than My Child Does," but anyone who interprets it like that is completely missing the point.

Here is what Shott's real point is:

"Putting my marriage first means I'm protecting the relationship that's central to [her child] Mason's happy childhood; I'm making sure that Chris [her husband] and I coexist happily despite the changes that we experienced in our relationship after our baby was born ...

Putting my marriage first does not mean neglecting my son ... We both say constantly that Mason is the love of our lives. He's the greatest thing we've ever done; we can't imagine our lives without him."

Shott is simply stating that the happiness of her marriage must be maintained first, because it is clearly the most important relationship in the entire household. The love, or lack thereof, that’s present in the parents’ relationship will deeply affect each and every child in the household in ways that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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