What's the Buzz?


You’re no stranger to the pleasure of the remote control.

Whether it's a model car, a piece of media equipment, or a sex toy, everything is better with a remote control. Now, it’s time to kick it up a notch, lover, with your very own remote control vibrator! Think of it as the perfect passion enhancer: all of the excitement and connectivity and no strings attached.

A remote control vibrator is exactly as wonderful as it sounds. Well, perhaps even more so. Speaking of sounds...the hum of the vibrator is rather discreet, which makes it perfect for excursions beyond the bedroom. A remote control vibrators is perfect for public play. Use it solo or with a lover at a bar, club, office, gym, café, shopping excursion, or voting booth. As to the operation of the remote control, you may wish to be the captain of your own vessel, or you can hand off the control to your first mate. The range of operation is approximately 30 feet, or ten meters, so there’s plenty of room to roam.

For the Ladies
A remote control vibrator may be shaped like an egg or a bullet. The egg just begs vaginal play, and a bullet vibrator may be employed both vaginally and for clitoral stimulation. (Note: Anecdotal evidence says that a pair of panties are perfect for holding the vibrator in place as one sojourns into the greater world.

But wait, there's more!
One of life’s most vexing conundrums is the sartorial decision many of us face anew each day. To whit, whether to sport panties for warmth and mystery and to help support the lingerie industry, or to forgo panties and hit the highway commando style for ease and to feel the breeze. Now, your prayers have been answered with the advent of vibrating panty briefs You may have enjoyed seeing this garment in action, larger than life and upon the silver screen in the scene co-starring with Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth!.

For the Gentlemen
There exists the remote control vibrating cockring. This object of fulsome joy and beauty sits around the shaft, and of course, the holder of the control gets to choose the level of stimulating, vibrating power. The wearer may take total control of his pleasure. Or hand off the control to that special someone. (See, men can, and will, relinquish the remote control….) This gives new meaning to the term "joy stick."

Take control of your sex life and take control of your ecstasy. With a remote control vibrator you, too, may be inspired to sing out in ecstasy, “Look, Ma, no hands!”