Can There Really Be Cons To Gay Marriage?


For those not interested in tying the knot, is gay marriage a help or a hindrance?

There's been much celebration about the increasing acceptance of gay marriage in our society — but is it all for good? Does an option to marry muddy the waters for gay couples who never wanted to tie the knot? Is it more about the principle of it all, rather than an actual desire to marry?

Relationship experts and coaches Dr. Frankie Bashan, Rick Clemons, Cameron Gantt and Mary Malia sat down with YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman sat down to discuss this complex issue. In some states there is the option to getting married which has been positive but also negative. What this does is allow those couples who want to be married the opportunity to do so. It also brings up the conversation of marriage for those who before just shrugged this idea under the rug because they were not allowed to do. Now, gay couples who live in states that have passed gay married laws are forced to sit down and really discuss the pros and cons of marriage. Check out the video above for more real talk on gay marriage. It's definitely a must-watch for anyone invested or interested in gay rights and LGBT issues.