It's Nag-Free Week! Get Ready To Quit Nagging For 7 Whole Days

nag-free week

Think you can do it? We dare you—and we'll help you!

Take out the garbage—it stinks! How many times do I have to ask you to put the toilet seat down? Please clean the glasses in the sink before you use a new one. Yes, even if you're polite about it, the fact remains: You're nagging. Again. And trust us, it's taking a toll on your relationship.

Just ask our YourTango Experts, who—according to a recent survey we conducted—revealed, for a second year in a row, that nagging is the #1 communication complaint for straight men pursuing a divorce. By a landslide, too: 75% of survey-takers agreed. 

That's why we're devoting the next seven days to nag-free communication. That's right, it's Nag-Free Week, and we invite all of our attached readers to improve their relationships by nixing the nagging completely and communicating in a healthy way for an entire week (and hopefully beyond).

Here's what Nag-Free Week entails:

  • From 11/11 through 11/17, visit our Nag-Free Week page for the latest content and videos that will help you be nag-free! 
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  • Join us Friday, 11/15 at 3:00pm EST for our Facebook chat with YourTango Experts Carista Luminare and Lion Goodman! Just come over to the official YourTango Facebook page, where we'll be chatting about personal communication styles (what's yours—and what's your partner's), and how to communicate more effectively for a healthy relationship. We're using the hashtag #YourTangoNagFree.

Tell us—what's the biggest communication issue in your relationship?

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