Guess Who Popped Up At The YourTango Office To Show Some Love!

Surprise Visitor Brings Some Love To The YourTango Office

Yesterday, we had the most delightful shock. Chirag Shah, fiancée of Simone Jhingoor and all around class act, showed up with cupcakes! Chirag (who is ever so handsome in person) stopped by to thank us for the interview we ran on October 26th about his fiancée Simone, the good work she does at the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco), and their now infamous Today Show segment.

Chirag received some negative backlash about the way he proposed to Simone, but the love they share is touching and real. As Simone said, "I am moved by the beautiful proposal he arranged out of a genuine intention to make me happy."

Simone and Chirag, YourTango wishes you all the best! Have a wonderful wedding, and an even better life together.

Check out these awesome pictures we took with Chirag, and of the lovely note Simone sent alone. (P.S. guys, she has amazing handwriting!).