Make a Living from Talking Dirty! I Did!


Many shy away from the idea of talking dirty, but it can be both liberating and lucrative.

In these tough economic times making a buck or two can be hard work, but if you’re an open-minded female and you have vocal cords then it doesn’t have to be! Becoming a phone sex operator is a great way to earn from the comfort of your own home and have a bit of fun too!

Not sure if phone sex is for you? Then take a look at these reasons why you should give it a try.

1. Complete Convenience There’s no denying that us girls have a lot on our plates. Most of us are juggling jobs, homes and family life and it’s inevitable that occasionally we drop the ball. If you become a phone sex operator you can set up right in your own home and work whenever you want, so you can fit your job around your life and not the other way around.

2. No More Badly Paid Positions Do you really want to be tied to a desk for eight or nine hours a day doing boring, repetitive tasks and being underpaid for the privilege? I didn’t think so. If you simply haven’t got the time, inclination or money to get the qualifications that will earn you the big bucks in the corporate world then don’t waste away in menial employment. Become a phone sex operator instead and within a few weeks you could be working less hours and earning more money than you ever have before.

3. So Much Fun How often do you get the opportunity to play a role, have fun and really let your hair down? Most of us don’t even do it in our real sex lives but phone sex can give you the opportunity to take on a whole new persona, develop your confidence and become a more self-assured person – especially if you go down the ever-popular dominatrix route! Most phone sex operators are pleasantly surprised by just how easy talking dirty comes to them and after a while it really does become second nature.

4. Earn While You Learn Wherever you are in the world getting an education is an expensive business, so if you’re a student you’ll probably find you need a couple of jobs on the go in order to afford your training. If you choose phone sex you can work during the evening and still have plenty of time for study as well as all the money you need for books, supplies, rent and everything else you need to consider.

5. Get Back If you’ve got lady parts then there’s no doubt that at one point or other in your life you will have been poorly treated, angered, let down, or taken for a ride by a man – so why not take a little of that back and start charging guys to get a taste of your sexy self instead of giving it away for free? If they’re happy to pay through the nose to talk to you then why miss out on such a lucrative opportunity? I set up my own successful adult phone chat website and have never looked back!