Exclusive Interview With Hannah Price Of 'City of Brotherly Love'

Sex: Interview With Hannah Price Of 'City of Brotherly Love'

Catcallers beware!

Hannah Price has had it up to here with catcallers, and she is fighting back. The young artist, new to Philadelphia, has been the target of sexual come-ons from strangers on the street. She had been in her new apartment for only two weeks when she decided to do something about it. Ms. Price now responds to the men who catcall her by taking their picture. She says of the project that she enjoys "switching the power dynamic as well as turning an unpleasant situation with a stranger to a friendly acquaintance." Apparently, the men find her behavior intriguing, as they often ask to hang out after she takes their photos.

Ms. Price receives support for the project from her boyfriend who "likes it and glad that [she's] getting press!" Check out these amazing, powerful images from "City of Brotherly Love." As Ms. Price says on her website, "These images are a response to my subjects looking at me, and myself as an artist looking back."