Celebrities and escorts!


Believe it or not, you can get full satisfaction with no strings attached.

The public names that get caught in scandals with professional call girls can definitely represent a boom in the world of the press. There is not only one single reason to justify this, because this is definitely one complex and large subject that requires a close study!

'I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.' (Steve Martin)

The celebrity world and the professional call girls! Either that we talk about footballers, dancers, basketballers or politicians, they have all been caught in the act with an escort. However, the majority of them, for different reasons, tried to hide the truth, to mask the reality - family, job or other such moral, religious or legal obligations!

You will never guess how many of today's public figures use these services but have no real intention in admitting it. Why is that? Social norms! Unfortunately, nowadays the idea of using an escort is still blamed and not accepted by the majority, even though in some countries this is a legal activity. But, the preconceptions, the stereotyping and the 'moral parenting lessons' still seem to dominate the modern life.

The idea that you can have any woman you want, with all your dream characteristics of a model woman, with no obligations and no stress involved, has gotten the attention of more and more celebrities in the recent years. Men, and even women, do not have to worry about where and how to find an escort, as the internet is full with websites promoting sexual services. 

Professional escort services, more than just carnal pleasure!

Contacting an escort does not imply unwanted commitments and what is more - you can be sure of full discretion! For people who do not have the proper time to do the courting, but who need a date, this appears to be the best solution. Even the cream of the crop in what concerns the most popular celebs nowadays contact escorts from now and then!

This popular haunt of celebrities who date escorts is not a novelty in the present days. This catchy topic easily attracts the attention of the audience. But, why is this such a special topic? Even though this should be something common, as normal as using the services of a hair designer, a doctor or a seller, escorts may help you deal with your daily problems, such as stress, sadness, depression and much more.

On a lighter note, being open to the truth and finding out the reasons beyond the use of such services may turn out to be a trouble free topic. Therefore, let us find out together the secrets behind this popular world - the world of celebrities and escorts!

It is not always about sex!

This myth just has to be debunked once and for all! Not all the guys out there who date escorts do it for the sake of sex. There are an infinite number of reasons why to choose an escort! For instance, we talk about someone who can keep you company, with whom you can have a nice conversation or whom you can present to your friends as your presupposed lover.

Dating an escort can be similarly compared to having a one night stand or having sex with a stranger. So why is this to blame? You can experience a different type of companionship, like you would probably do it in any other circumstances!

When having a serious relationship there are so many things you just have to keep in mind. For instance, here we talk about monogamy and about having sex only when your partner wants this too. However, when we talk about escorts nothing of this applies – you can have sex when you want it and you can try any type of woman/man you would like!

Another myth concerning the fear to make use of sex services is – 'I'm not as good as those with serious relationships if I contact an escort! Am I not capable of having a serious relationship and this is why I contact an escort?'

NO! It should be more than clear that there is nothing wrong in paying for sex; it is just like paying for a mechanic or a doctor. You pay for some services and you can have them!

To continue, dating an escort will probably be much more different than dating an ordinary girl who is not on her working hours while she is with you. However, escorts are professionals, therefore you will enjoy professional services and nothing more or less than that.

To make it even more clear not every escort provides sexual services. Therefore, these girls are more likely to be your best remedy after a personal loss or why not after a divorce! She will help you feel worthy again or get over your depression!

What are the real reasons celebs or ordinary guys choose an escort?

Either that we talk about world-wide famous doctors, scientists, singers or well-paid actors, they all have been caught doing the deed with an escort and the reasons are infinite!

  •  A way to stay in the spotlight, in the newspapers
  •  A way to catch the attention of the public eye on you
  •  A way of stress relief, when there is no one close to you and you are far away from home (while the man is on a training camp, on a business travel or something similar)
  •  Instant pleasure with no emotional bond
  •  Discretion, but at the same time full satisfaction
  •  Fulfillment of any sexual fetishes that the man's wife avoids or does not want to do
  •  Away from home and having no one around to keep him company
  •  Professional services with no complications
  •  It feels like an empowering situation for some Celebs and escorts!

Do you want names?

Well, here is the list you have been waiting for:

  •  Footballers: Wayne Rooney, Franck Ribery, Louis Saha, Karim Benzema, Mario Balotelli
  •  More from the sports world: Alex Rodriguez, Matt Barnes
  •  Politicians: Eliot Spitzer, Barney Frank, Silvio Berlusconi, David Vitter
  •  Singers/Dancers: Ne-Yo, Tiger Woods, Tommy Lee, Kevin Federline, Lil Wayne
  •  Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt, Kevin Costner, Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Sheen
  •  Television presenter/producer: Jerry Spinger, Aaron Spelling

They all have been caught in the company of professional call girls. However, the list does not stop here!

Why are professional escorts preferred?

Let us be honest - who would not want to have a relationship with only the good side of it? In other words, enjoy all the pleasures and all the benefices and not having to deal also with any relationship common problems – endless fights, jealousy and monogamy! I bet a lot of you guys out there! So this is why more and more men choose to pay for the services of a beauty queen and not have a serious commitment.

However, it is also true that some do not have the proper time to maintain a relationship. Either because of their profession, of their lack of time or of their personality. So why do they have to be fingerprinted for this? More than that, keep in mind that most of these public figure names have wives, kids and all sorts of obligations as well.

However, sex does not seem to always be the main reason. Sometimes, the daily and stressful problems overwhelm them and they only need a shoulder to cry on!

 All these big hits for the press sometimes are not what they appear to be. Even though celebs are caught offside their normal life there are many reasons to justify their actions; reasons beyond appearances!

With supportive evidence and exact names every enigma can be clarified. Therefore, have no surprise of those who used professional sex services because the number is much higher that you actually think!

When someone pays for food that is what he will get! So why should this not be the exact case for paying for escorts too?

As astonishing as this may sound it appears that more than 40% of those who use professional escort services hire them not for sex, but for discussions, travelling and companionship.

Sex workers can sometimes convert themselves into genuine therapists! Do you agree?