Are Your Kids' Friends A Bad Influence?

Parenting Advice: Are Your Kids' Friends Being A Bad Influence?

They've grown up together and learned together ... all the wrong lessons.

As parents, we all dream of lifelong friends for our children. We hope they will meet very early on (in Mommy and Me group, for example) and grow up as close as siblings, spending long afternoons at each other's homes, holding hands as they enter kindergarten, and supporting one another through those tough middle- and high-school years.

We almost had it made. My husband and I lived on a small street in California when we found out that we were expecting our first baby. One day, nearing the end of my first trimester, I embarked on a walk on the beach. As I headed down the hill I noticed another woman with a burgeoning belly hitting the same trail. I quickened my step and hurried to match her pace. We quickly realized that our babies were due within two months of each other, we shared the same obstetrician, and we were both from the east coast. Our friendship, like our bellies, grew over the next six months, through baby showers, 3D sonograms, and births at the same Los Angeles hospital. As luck would have it, the two of us, plus another neighbor who quickly became the third leg of our trifecta, gave birth to healthy baby girls within a three-month period.

Our girls grew up as siblings in those first few years. My friends and I battled the baby blues together, celebrated first birthdays together, and our husbands (as similar to one another as we ladies were) commiserated together over many bottles of beer.

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