From Victorians To Vibrators – Discover The Sex Toy Evolution


Ever wondered how adult toys have evolved over time? We delve deep into the history of the vibrator.

Ever wondered how sex toys came into existence? Join the queue! We thought it only right as British citizens to discover the British history of the vibrator and you’ll never guess what we found out!

Sex toys are very much part of the here and now in today’s culture, but they have a rich and somewhat disturbing past - making the evolution of sex toys a somewhat fascinating subject. The history of the vibrator stems back to the Victorian era, where hand-cranked and steam-powered vibrators were frequently used items. Invented to treat the now non-existent medical condition ‘female hysteria’, vibrators have since evolved significantly – thankfully!

How Have Sex Toys Evolved?

Over the past one hundred years, we have witnessed vibrators change from a medically aided device to a pleasurable toy. Sex toys have changed extensively. No longer are there grand steam-powered machines, instead, you can treat yourself to a portable pleaser, be it a buzzing bullet or a vibrating cock ring. What’s more, the accessibility of the sex toy is a key factor in today’s market. With sex toys now available here, there and everywhere - including toilet vending machines - there really is no excuse to miss out on any fun!

Sex toys have never been more promiscuous and to the delight of many men, they are no longer targeted just at women. This means men can explore their sexuality too, whilst audacious couples can introduce sex toys into their bedroom antics. Whether you are in search of a discreet buzzing device, or a larger, more equipped vibrator, you can rest assured that today’s market provides a far greater choice of nifty sex gadgets than the Victorians could ever muster up.

While there are still many of you out there who haven’t yet explored the exciting world of kinky sex toys - those perhaps too timid to endeavour to visit their local sex shop. Fear not, as you are now in luck. Don’t lose out to timidity, simply order at your hearts content over the internet and start feeling those good vibrations almost instantly.

Is The Need For A Vibrator Greater Than Ever?

The adult industry is becoming increasingly aware that ladies choosing vibrators are not essentially single ladies lacking in sexual contact (like the dissatisfied ladies in Victorian times), but in fact, those who wish to reignite intimacy with their partner. With prices for a basic vibrator starting at a mere £4.99 you don’t have to spend a fortune to enhance your playfulness in the bedroom – or anywhere for that matter!

As sex toys continue on their mainstream journey, the stigma that men are intimidated by sex toys is becoming less so as more toys are produced solely with men in mind. Who’d have thought sex toys could have cum so far (excuse the pun)? With more sex toys than you could shake a dildo-shaped stick at, each and every one of us should be feeling the love right now – oh how the Victorians must envy us!

Today, beautifully designed sex toys are available far and wide and with creations to suit every niche, we really are spoilt for choice. No longer do women have to declare ‘Female Hysteria’ in order to get a good seeing to! In fact, we have a lot to thank our Victorian ancestry for, they truly were crazily creative people inventing mind-blowing contraptions from moving vehicles to photography equipment, but most importantly, least us forget… the mighty vibrator!

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