Things to Consider When Buying Your First Sex Toys


Navigate those scary looking adult stores with confidence with my tips for first time buyers!

Choosing your first sex toys can be quite a scary experience. However, there’s actually nothing much to be worried about. The key, of course, is simply finding the toys that lend the most excitement to you (and your partner’s) sex life. These tips should help you deal with those first couple of purchases.

What's your lifestyle like?

This might seem a broad place to start, but trust us, it's a relevant question! Picking out your first sex toy will largely depend on the sort of life you currently lead. Are you single or in a relationship? Do you have kids around the house? For instance, if you’ve got a couple of kids, you’ll likely require a subtle, smaller toy that can easily be hidden. If you're single and you have your own place, you can be a bit more open about things.

Only go with what you're comfortable with

In the end, you've decided to purchase a sex toy because you think it'll have a positive effect on your sex life. There's little point, therefore, in purchasing one that you're really not comfortable using. Remember to communicate strongly with your partner (if you have one) when buying, as you both need to be happy with the purchase. If any aspect of a toy makes you feel uncomfortable (the colour, the shape, the size, or just how it feels) then keep shopping around until you find something more in keeping with your own needs.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Whilst it might seem a bit embarrassing the first few times you shop, don't be afraid to ask shop assistants for help. After all, they've got a lot of experience in finding the right toy for the right customer. They'll also know which models tend to suit which demographics, i.e. which toys gay people prefer, or which have been the most popular amongst married couples looking to experiment. Remember, sex shop employees are professionals, so don't be afraid to tap into their expertise. That's why they're there!

Explore different possibilities

When they first go shopping for a toy, many people fall into the most conventional patterns and opt for vibrators, handcuffs or blindfolds. Whilst none of those products are a bad thing (the whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon has seen them shoot up in popularity!) there are a lot of other options. Oils, lubes and lotions are popular, as are cock rings. Of course, if you feel most comfortable going for the more traditional toys, that’s fine, too - just don’t be afraid to experiment with other alternatives if you think you might like them!

Pick the right vibrator or dildo

People just moving into the area of sex toys are often surprised by just how many options are available. These types of toys come in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and with a lot of different features. Whilst this might be initially confusing, it’s actually a good thing. Essentially, it enables people to find the perfect toy for them. Some toys will be more rigid than others (again, this is often a matter of preference), and some vibrators will naturally offer more buzz than others. As a general rule, it’s often wise to go for the middle ground, and then move on from there.

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