Managing Fear Book Receives Hundreds Of Positive Reviews


Managing Fear Book Receives Hundreds Of Positive Reviews

Stan Popovich’s Book is Becoming Very Popular with a couple of hundred positive book reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble And on the Internet. Please read the many book reviews of Stan’s popular book by going to Stan’s website or by doing an internet search of Stan’s many helpful book reviews. Mr. Popovich’s book focuses on various techniques on how to manage fear, anxiety, stress, addiction, and depression. Stan’s book is located at www.managingfear.com and there are even some free mental health articles for anyone to read.

Combat Veteran………………..This is a great book, very informative and to the point. There are several good techniques that really help in dealing with fear and anxiety. Breathing control being one of them. During my time in combat in Iraq I had first hand experience with fear to say the least! I will tell you this; God helped me through. HOWEVER, God has much more bravery than me, I know he was with me and in some cases in front of me. Without his influence guiding me through a sixth sense; I would not be here typing. When we are totally consumed in the fear of the moment we can rely only on our faith to pull us through and keep us calm, or welcome us into heaven. Some of the fears I faced then still haunt me now. Through the use of techniques described here in this book, I have been able to understand and began to try and manage my anxiety. I highly recommend this book!!!!When you find yourself on "death's ground" and faced with what you believe to be certain death; trust in the armor of GOD and go forward. By: Rick Smith- Posted On Amazon

True to the Title…………..This book was very true to it's title. Anyone can read this book and get a better understanding about anxiety and how to manage it. The author offered a common and well known example and explanation for each psychological concept. Something that I really liked was the use of Christian principles and scriptures to assist with coping and managing anxiety. If you are already in the field or familiar with psychology this book may seem redundant. However, if you are truly new to this topic its the perfect book for you! By: Cassandra- Posted On Amazon

Review of A Laymans Guide………………."A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear..." was an easy read. The book touched on many different aspects of fear/anxiety and gave several techniques to help combat/resolve it. I thought that for a "layman" the author did an excellent job at attempting to differentiate between fear/anxiety/phobia. I would recommend this book for those looking for some "un-technical" advice. By: Forging A Review- Posted On Amazon

Fear is not a factor…………………….Stanley Popovich has written an easy-to-use guide for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by their circumstances. With many practical examples to help the reader, there are many situations which speak directly into today's modern lifestyle. This is a very handy resource to have on the shelf and to refer back to from time to time; as well as being a wonderful tool for those who come to us for counseling. So often fear leaves us feeling out of control and filled with darkness. The light of one candle is able to dispel that darkness when we are able to light it - consider Stanley Popovich's book to be a flame. God bless. By: Fr. Joe Thompson- Posted On Amazon

Managing Fear………………This e-book is like a visit with a mentor who offers common-sense advice for a common human problem. Explanations with clear examples help the reader know how to use a variety of approaches to deal successfully with typical, non-emergency situations involving fear. The content is easy to read and understand, making it of value to both teens and adults. By: Shirley Redcay- Posted On Amazon

A Layman's Guide……………..This short book provides an introduction to managing fear. The title is very accurate - it is exactly what it says 'A Layman's Guide'. I sense it is not aimed at experienced therapists or consultants. There is nothing new, radical or earth shattering here, just good, plain common sense. Because the book is short in length it can become a very handy guide to keep close by, something you can dip into for relief and inspiration when needed. By: Mark Hollingsworth- Posted On Amazon

Fear……………..This a great read, I actually read it and did a group session on this book just to see what the group would say about it and at my job the program director was pleased as well. this book actually lets you know how to handle your fear through different means thank you for allowing me to read this book. it is again a good book to read. By: Carla79- Posted On Amazon

Great Book………….If you are facing a fearful situation and can't decide what to do. Take these four steps. 1. purchase this book, 2. read from cover to cover, 3. trust the process, and 4. move past your fears. This book was a great read and will be a valuable to for me in my field of work when educating others to get past his/her fear. This will be a great book to have in one's personal library. By: Q- Posted On Amazon

Summary Says It All!..........................I enjoyed reading this book. It addresses the concept of fear in strictly laymen's terms. It was understandable and practical. People who have been to counseling for fear and anxiety won't find anything novel or innovative here. The techniques are, however, tried and true and many people can be helped simply by revisiting the simple things that work. I like the summary section and the extensive collection of Bible verses - simply sitting with the book and reading those out loud will have a calming effect. Also, there are many pages at the end of the book for journaling. By: Mary A. Travis, PhD- Posted On Amazon

A Good Start………………I found the book to be interesting. It is not a complete treatise on the subject of fear, nor was it meant to be, but it is a good reference starting point. The author brings up some good points, good arguments and he reminds the reader of some proven methods of overcoming fear should that be the purpose of reading the book. I do not believe this book should be a clinical treatise on the subject, but rather a good home library reference on the subject. It is a well-written, well-thought out book. Good job. By: Joe Hancock- Posted On Amazon

Realistic and helpful…………………Lots of good advice. His encouragement to try different methods - especially when dealing with different fears - is especially helpful. Not everyone deals with fear the same way, and not every situation calls for the same response. Great examples also. By: Juliette Cowall- Posted On Amazon

Helpful introduction to dealing with anxiety…………………….This is a informative little book which can be read in under 45 minutes, giving a good overview of various techniques for relieving anxiety. It includes internet links and encouraging verses from the Bible. For someone suffering mild anxiety, the suggestions and advice given may be all they need get on top of the issue. There are several blank pages at the back of the book on which they can write a personal plan. For more serious cases of anxiety, the book would be a starting point for finding further help, giving the reader some knowledge and "rails to run on". The book is full of examples of how people have used the principles to deal with different causes of anxiety, which would be helpful and encouraging to any reader. At $7.50 it's the kind of book you could buy and give to a friend who is needing help. By: Bex- Posted On Amazon

A Laymans Guide to Managing Fear………………….An easy book to read and understand and take heart from. You do not need to be religious to understand why many people would used the Christian values to overcome their fears but there is also some good and useful information for non-Christians to understand the many different ways they can manage fear. By: Mrs. Ann Harrison-Posted On Amazon