A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear Receives Hundreds Of Reviews


A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear Receives Hundreds Of Reviews

Stan Popovich’s Book is Becoming Very Popular with a couple of hundred positive book reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble And on the Internet. Please read the many book reviews of Stan’s popular book by going to Stan’s website or by doing an internet search of Stan’s many helpful book reviews. Mr. Popovich’s book focuses on various techniques on how to manage fear, anxiety, stress, addiction, and depression. Stan’s book is located at www.managingfear.com and there are even some free mental health articles for anyone to read.


A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear ………………It is well written in layman language and structured in a way that makes it easy to understand. He addresses Counseling, spiritual inspiration and self-help individually and in sequence in the first three chapters. He then unites them in chapter four before giving his summary in chapter five. I like the flow and especially the examples used to re-enforce his subject. A great read, it is not time consuming and easy to understand. The subject of managing fear is well covered in a practical way. By: Harold Luff-Posted On Amazon

A practical and easy to read guide…………. Mr. Popovich has written a short but concise overview that walks a person through how to deal with every day fears that most of us face. He gives practical examples along with varying methods of addressing the debilitating aspects that fear can bring. Mr. Popovich's work is a great place to start when addressing this subject. These writings may be the structure you are looking for to help you to gain control over areas of difficulty. For others with more serious challenges, it may the first step along the way that leads to deeper exploration of their own internal struggle. Either way, its a short read that is worth the investment. By: Mark Turansky- Posted On Amazon

Practical, easy-to read guide on fear………………Popovich’s Book offers practical advice, lay person to lay person, about the power of fear and offers suggestions for overcoming them--or at least not allowing them to control one's life. It is a practical guide that offers common sense advice that anyone can use, but offering affirmation to the fearful about the realities of fear. It provides a support to those who are fearful of their fears or fearful of admitting them. Thank you for a practical, easy to read guide for people exploring the topic. By: Tess Lynn- Posted On Amazon

Good Basic Concepts………………I found the book to have good basic concepts regarding overcoming fears and anxiety. I enjoyed the strong spiritual components to the theories offered. Very easy read and simple to understand by anyone. By: Debbie- Posted On Amazon

Both readable and useful!......................This is truly a layman's guide. Avoiding difficult language and terminology, the author still manages to convey very useful information about psychological techniques and Biblical wisdom. Information about more technical resources is provided along with a very useful summary of Biblical passages to provide guidance in times of fear or anxiety. The author also does an excellent job of blending psychological knowledge and Biblical wisdom in one short book. I highly recommend this book to anybody who is dealing with issues of fear or anxiety in their lives. By: Fr Charles Cloud- Posted On Amazon

Managing Fear Potential Small Group Resource……………I can see how this book could be used in a small group setting as it offers practical methods to move through fear that could be role played in a safe environment. By Vickey Gibbs- Posted On Amazon

Good information; easily understood………….Stanley Popovich does exactly what he promises--documents an easily accessable self-help process for managing life's fears. In short, easily understood chapters, he discusses in layman's terms: general techniques for reasoning a pathway through paralyzing fear (great for procrastinators like me), a coping mechanism for dealing with fear provoking thoughts, and a faith-based process for tapping into transcendent comfort and encouragement. In addition Popovich provides contact information and links to national support organizations for coping with fear. By: Rev. Dave- Posted On Amazon

Useful book for self help………………………..This book is written by a layman using his research on the subject which affects most people at some time in their life. In this easy to read book, he draws from psychology, Christianity and non-resistant methods and offers practical tips to cope with managing fear and suggestions as to how a person may overcome their fear and anxiety. It is written from a Christian standpoint but the techniques mentioned can help anyone to overcome their fear and reading this book could be a first step towards this. By: Mari- Posted On Amazon


A Layman’s guide to managing fear………………….This book is an excellent read covering counseling, psychology and an element of spirituality. This book is concise, punchy and exciting. I fully recommend anybody purchasing this book as it gives people an insight and awareness of the power of ' fear ' and conquering it. By: James Ward- Posted On Amazon

A very good, clear read and the book can keep being referred to……………..I thought this book was very good. It was clear, concise and gave ways to manage fear and anxiety on a daily basis. The concepts, tools and techniques are not tricky and are very do-able. As a Christian, it was wonderful to read a book that combines counseling and coaching techniques with having a reliance on God. The book is not 'preachy', in fact I have just recommended it to a friend. By: J. Butter- Posted On Amazon


Helpful book for the right person……………….This book is not like the typical how-to book about dealing with fear, it isn't a professional manual or doctor's office pamphlet. The author presents advice in an easy to read conversational manner with lots of clear examples. You will not find an abundance of medical jargon or discussion of specific therapeutic techniques. As indicated in the title, Christianity is a focus with scriptures, prayer and a connection to God discussed. Someone dealing with fear will find this a motivational read which may help prompt them towards therapy if needed. By: ACL- Posted On Amazon