below are the simple and easy way to turn a friend into a lover without much stress.

Do you have a female friend who only sees you as her “best friend”, and equally sees you as a “very nice guy” and treats you like a brother? Would you like to finally be able to get her into bed, and have her think it was HER idea? I really know how it hurts to be in that awful and painful situation with a lady, especially if you love her so much. Knowing how to turn a friend into a lover is actually possible using these simple techniques that are listed below;

Resist every urge to Sell Yourself to her
Selling one’s self is what pisses women off the most. Ladies dislike guys who always want to sell themselves. If you meet and become friends with a woman whom has a boyfriend, don't sell yourself to her at all. Get to know her over a period of time. If a woman is attracted to you, she could become attracted to you a significant other. It all depends on at what place she is in her life. We all know that many relationships tend to tail off and end. The problem is that a lot of men will meet a woman who is in a relationship and decide not to befriend her at all. Now I'm not suggesting that you become the shoulder she comes to cry on when things are going wrong with her boyfriend. What I am suggesting is that you can get to know her as a person, because you never know where life may lead you down the road. So don't be a salesman, and don't berate her boyfriend. Get to know her. Be yourself. Have a good time with her, and see if romantic feelings develop between you. When you are genuine and take the time to get to know her as a person, she actually might start to look at you as her future romantic partner. This is a sure way of how to turn a friend into a lover.
For a girl who you would love to date and end up in a romantic relationship with, being too nice would only do more harm than good. You have to flirt with her often never be afraid to touch and feel her when you both are on romantic outings. Have fun in what you're doing. You can tell her jokes and when you do, look her straight into the eyes. If she reacts, then this is an indication that you're affecting her emotions at some point. You also have to establish a brief yet suggestive physical contact. You can touch her shoulders, back, hands, or ankles. Remember when doing this, courage is greatly required as ladies love courageous guys who aren’t scared of getting physical with them (ladies). Being too nice would only mar your chances of turning her into a lover

Making a woman jealous is an art. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build instant sexual value and attraction. If you have any moral hold ups or any mental roadblocks that will prevent you from making her jealous, then continue to listen to the girl of your dreams yap about some other guy that makes her horny. No self-respecting man should allow such emasculating events to occur, but for some reason it happens all the time.
Making someone jealous is one of the quickest ways to establish your sexual value. I cannot stress that enough. In the platonic situation, she is use to you showing her some level of romantic attention. And if you don't think she has an idea that you are interested in her, then chances are you are wrong. Here's the good part about this one-sided attraction. Even if she doesn't initially see you as a potential romantic mate, she has no choice but to receive and experience the pleasurable feelings associated with your attraction to her (whether it is obvious or not obvious).
So naturally when you begin to show her that you are now interested in another girl (making her jealous), you end up cutting off her source of pleasurable feelings. She will experience what I refer to as an "unexplainable emptiness" or an unconscious attraction, which means she will feel drawn to you below her natural level of awareness. When women get jealous, they tend to be romantically attracted to who gets them jealous.