The 3 Worst Excuses For Skipping Sex Tonight

3 Of The Worst Excuses For Skipping Sex Tonight

Are you guilty?

After waking up at the crack of dawn with the kids and running at full speed all day, the last thing you have energy for at the end of the day is a romp in the sack, right? While you and your partner might have all the reasons in the world not to have sex, sometimes it just sounds like good ol' balderdash.

If you want to keep the romantic flames alive but don’t know how to balance your sex life with parenthood, you need to make sure you’re doing just that — balancing the two.

Not only is sex good for your relationship, it's also beneficial to your health. According to Dr. JJ Levenstein, "Serotonin is released during sex which produces an anti-depressant effect and a sense of well-being and contentment. Also, phenylethylamine is released and triggers the release of dopamine from the pleasure centers of the brain, resulting in a blissful, attractive and excited state of mind."

Next time you feel like rolling over, remember this list of oft-used excuses ... and then consider changing your response:

You’re too tired to spend time together. Do. It. Anyway. Getting away from the kids for one night isn’t going to hurt anyone — in fact, it will help your relationship. So go out as a couple for a date night. You'll be surprised at how energizing date night can be, and by the time you get home, who knows, you might both be in the mood ... especially if the sitter puts the kids to sleep for you.

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