Love Bytes: You Have To Watch This Marriage Proposal Video!

This Proposal Video Was Possible By Legalizing Gay Marriage

Plus, foods that will make you hotter — really.

July 30 was an unforgettable day for Alissa Haslam. That's the day her parter, Jeanne, created the most magical marriage proposal for her with the help of 60 friends right outside her office in Seattle. "I was pulled out of a meeting because of a 'disturbance' on the street," she wrote in the caption of the YouTube video. "Just the night before, we were talking about romance and I pretty much told her she wasn't romantic." Well, what happened next was a pretty big romantic gesture! Check out the video! (Huffington Post Good News)

Do you love whipping up cupcakes for date night? Then you and your date will both love this baker's ultimate cupcake guide! (Relish)

8 first date ideas to avoid at all costs. And we guarantee you've done one of these before! (Guyism)

Think you don't look any different with or without makeup? These photos will change your mind. (The Chive)

Your thong may be killing you — and your love life! (The Gloss)

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this doctor details everything a woman should know about her breasts and what actually happens if you have mastectomy reconstruction surgery. (Celebzter)

Usher and other stars we think would be amazing between the sheets, reasons that Woody from Toy Story would be the worst boyfriend ever, plus the latest, craziest sex trends. It's all here! (The Gloss)

It's the age-old question: Is he interested? This guy has the answer. (A New Mode)

Sounds like JLo is ready to be solo again — at least that's the word from the block. She's reportedly headed for a split from her boyfriend Casper Smart. (Wetpaint)

Beyond the warm fuzzy feelings, being in a loving relationship is healthy for your heart. And the science behind it is pretty fascinating! (American Profile)

Forget your old school notions of what it means for a man to be your knight in shining armor — this is the reinvented 2013 version! (The Daily Beast)

It's getting chillier outside, but chomp on any of these foods — they'll make you hot in more ways than one! (Blisstree)

Remember that crazy story of a bride accused of pushing her husband off a cliff days after they were married? (The honeymoon phase obviously didn't last long.) Well, there's a new update in the murder trial! (HLNtv)

Rummaging through your closet for the perfect date night outfit? Here's some inspiration. (The Gloss)

You won't believe what this guy has sex with ... oh, and he's gotten it on with exactly 999 of them. (Huffington Post Weird News)

Richard Pryor had seven, Elizabeth Taylor had eight and Zsa Zsa Gabor had nine. So which celeb has tied the knot the most times in history? Find out here. (Ranker)

The famous 50 percent divorce rate can have some of us a little disillusioned about love. But these five wives share what has made their marriages work and why they're excited for the years to come. (Essence)

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves..." If you like that love quote, here are a ton more! (A New Mode)

From hookup confessions to helpful health tips, everything you need to know about dating and sex is here! (Gurl)

50 best episodes of The Simpsons. Remember any of them? (Guyism)

We've seen her twerk and wag her tongue ... but does her new album live up to the hype? And should you break out this album on date night? (Celebzter)

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