Do You Really Have Time for Romance?


We know that you have come face to face with the fact that you will be perpetually single because of your busy schedule. You work so much like there is no tomorrow. There are a thousand unread messages that you have to deal with on a daily basis that you do not even have enough time to eat your lunch. Your friends consider it a miracle when you show up on month-long planned dinner date because they know that you are having a hard time fitting them into your schedule.

We know that you are a busy, career-driven woman that you find dating, offline and online, an absolute waste of your precious time. You wake up too early in the morning and work on mentally-draining and physically-taxing hours, and the only time you really get to relax is when you try to get at least four hours of decent snooze per night. You have resigned from dating completely, and you tell all your friends that you will be that old lady who owns too many cats because you will never have time to look for love.
However, we think that it is total crap to be a slave of your work and completely give up on finding romance. No matter who you are, you will still have time to find that love of your life if you are willing to practice proper time management. Yes, we know you have a lot on your plate already, but if you really want to find someone to spoon perpetually in the future, here are some things that can help you achieve a healthy balance between your work and your search for romance.


Make Time for Yourself
One good way of making sure that you get enough time to date guys each week is to give yourself some free time from work. Make time for yourself and try to take a break from all the stress of work. Remember that giving yourself some essential “me” time is also a part of taking good care of yourself. Work can be intense that it can zap out all your energy; hence, it is really crucial that you give yourself some Zen time to recharge.
Get good sleep, eat healthy, do yoga, or hit the gym. These are just a list of things that you can do to make sure that you will have enough energy to battle the workforce the next day. More importantly, taking good care of yourself will help you become more attractive to the opposite sex. Men want to date a powerful woman, but one who does not look like she just wrestled an anaconda from Brazil.

Imagine a Future Time with a Partner
If you keep on convincing yourself and your friends that you do not have time for love, try this exercise: Think about your life currently and try to imagine that you also have a loving partner. Would your night at home change a lot when you are sharing your dinner and your bed with a significant other? Would your Sunday mornings immensely differ when you eat a healthy brunch with your boyfriend? Are your limited vacations more fun when you spend it with someone who cares, respects, and loves you? It is too easy to say a profound “no” to finding love, but what if you give yourself a break by saying “yes”?
Dating is a choice. Choosing to date instead of telling yourself constantly that you are too busy to find love will help you experience dating at a completely exciting level. Consider dating not as a task that you need to accomplish. Instead, see it for what it is exactly, which is an enjoyable and insightful activity.


Go Out and Meet New People
We have given this advice several times: Go out and socialize. Being busy is just a lame excuse for you not to set out on a fun and wonderful adventure in finding Mr. Perfect. Yes, we know that your work is too important for you to ignore, but if you let your work interfere with your quest for a lasting and fulfilling romance, then you should better save up for barrels of cat food.
It is your choice actually, but we really do encourage you to go out there and meet other people. Getting out of your boring comfort zone and allowing yourself to know men and women outside your usual social circle will expand your network as well as increase your chances of finding your perfect match.

Remember that it is completely okay to be a woman who is passionate, successful, and driven. Your career is an important aspect of yourself, however, remember that a fulfilling and healthy relationship is a worthy investment of your time as well.