Why is Marriage Certificate Important?


The law of India has long time back declared that legal registration of marriage is important.

Across the world there are plenty of couples who have crossed over 30 years of their matrimony life but never thought to register their marriage legally.

Definitely the concept of marriage registration sounds a misfit amid our customs and traditions. One might really question that what is the real need of the getting the marriage registered when entire ceremony is performed before almighty where couple avow before the holy fire to be forever together, through all highs and lows.

Marriages in India are celebrated with pomp and show with several amid the friends and family forming the part of the auspicious event and witnessing, but still remains the legal need for marriage registration for certain reasons and they are:-

  • The law of India has long time back declared that legal registration of marriage is important. The registration not only helps the government to gauge the figures of married couple for various calculations but the document also stands essential for the couple if in case of any future discrepancy arises. Definitely we understand that marriages are forever but still at times some issues crop up when marriage certificate can help in resolving them.
  • The certificate is also very important for immigration purposes. If you are planning to settle in the city abroad and you have produced all related documents but failed to produce marriage certificate, then you have to reconsider your settlement abroad. Government of other countries have made marriage certificate a mandate document if you are planning to settle with your family. One needs to produce substantial document to stand eligible.
  • Even for opening a bank account marriage certificate is important. Just in case your wife is applying for a bank account in your surname, the bank will certainly ask for marriage certificate in that case. Marriage certificate here stands essential as the bank needs a proof of your marriage so that in case of any issues arises; bank has full-fledged information of its customers.
  •  It is a biggest proof of you marriage and a document reminding you about the start of auspicious relation with your loving spouse. You can get it framed and keep the memory always right before you, cherishing the grand day year after year and adding bliss to life.

Validity of Marriage Certificate

The validity of marriage certificate is life-long. Once you get it issued, you need not to get it updated after specified period. The certificate does not expire or go defunct until the couples have not applied for divorce. Marriage certificate would go null and void if the couple has been legally granted divorce.

How the certificate is issued

The certificate is issued by the marriage registrar department. The official issuing it is a government employee. For getting the marriage registered, couple has to visit to the registrar office. Remember presence of both is mandatory as registrar needs both sign before him. Once the formalities are complied with the official issues a certificate of marriage. The certificate comprises name of husband and wife, date of marriage and declares that both are legally wedded registered with respective government.

Applicability of Marriage Certificate

Geographical location does not affect your certificate’s applicability. Wherever you hail from, if the certificate is issued by the government official and has its signature, the certificate stands eligible as a document of importance.

Therefore which ever custom, social strata or religion you belong to holding a marriage certificate is mandate if you are married. Absence of it can arouse several complexities and it is wiser to get a certificate issued within small time span after you get married.

Author: Subhadra Bhadauria is a zealous writer for famous site JeevanSathi.com. Her cogent writing style and article variations upgrade the readers with ample of information. Marriage is an important occasion; corroborating the same she shares an optimistic picture of this beautiful relation talks about why a marriage certification important for a couple.