5 Ways to Turn Your Apartment Into a Love Den

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How to create a sexy space that he will be sure to remember

His smile is irresistible, your date is going fabulously and the evening has just gotten started. It’s time to take things to the next level and bring your date home for more cuddle time or a late night rendezvous—but you’re worried your apartment might take away from the magic.

Let’s face it: your bedroom says a lot about you.

Whether you are the kind of girl who loves to decorate every inch of wall space or the type who keeps things simple and clean, when it’s time to take your hot date home, you need make a good impression. So what can you do to turn your apartment into a love den that he will be sure to remember?

Before you get lost browsing items from IKEA, here are five things to keep in mind when redesigning your space:

1. Think Curves

Soft, rounded curves in your bedroom furniture will subconsciously remind him of your body. Plus, it also helps prevent any nasty bumps or scrapes from occurring in the heat of the moment.

2. Stay Organized

While what you’re planning on doing with him might be dirty, your apartment never should be. A messy room sends the wrong signals to your date, even if he’s not so tidy himself. Keep dirty clothes out of sight and out of mind, and even clean ones shouldn’t be spilling out of packed drawers. Additionally, keep your floors clear of clutter with shoe organizers like these. A private lingerie drawer hidden under your bed can also add some spice to the evening…knowing that your clothes may be strewn across the floor later, anyway

3. Mood Lighting

As may know from indulging in occasional selfies, lighting is extremely important to looking good. Turn off the overhead and accentuate your features with the soft glow of lamplights, like the Nova Table Lamp from Overstock. Nothing conjures a romantic atmosphere more than the flickering light on candles in a dimly lit room, so light a few—or use flameless candles to keep your apartment safe—to help create the right mood. Scented candles can be great as well, but make sure the scent doesn’t overpower the room.

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