Vegan & Carnivore: A Sweet Story Of Love And Compromise

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Vegan & Carnivore: A Sweet Story Of Love And Compromise

Despite vastly different diets, this couple whipped up a recipe for relationship bliss. You can too!

"Eating is about connecting," Kristin says. "Growing up, my family always ate dinner together and we always ate the same food. It's important that Jake and I do that, too. It unifies us. Plus, it's a good way to show him that even though I'm vegan, I can still eat similar things."

Vegan, Don't Preach
Even though Kristin is vegan because of environmental and ethical reasons, she doesn't pressure Jake to live the same way. "I would love it if he became vegetarian, but if I push him, that could be the end of us. I care about him too much to allow that to ruin our relationship. It's not worth it to me," she says. "The most important thing in a relationship like ours is to be open minded. It's a two-way street. If I want him to respect what I eat, then I have to respect what he eats. It's okay to educate, but the moment you start to make people feel bad, that’s the moment you lose them."

But while Kristin doesn’t try to convert Jake, she does encourage him to buy free-range meat. She also hopes to influence his veggie intake. "My dream is to get him to eat kale and spinach," she says. "I just want him to appreciate how good kale is."

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